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Summer Garden Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake- Summer Garden Wedding

Today’s featured cake is another Pinterest find. And wow am I in love with this one! It is so romantic and sweet and gorgeous and well just amazing!

This cake was designed by Jessica Cakes in Minneapolis. I love the way she incorporated the garden feel of the couple’s wedding by creating green branches that look like they are growing up the cake. And the blue birds were also incorporated to match the programs. How sweet looking are Read More


Shades of Blue Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Cake

Since I joined A Wedding Cake Blog a few weeks ago I have been searching non-stop for fabulous cakes to feature. And time and time again I will find an incredible cake, fall in love, and come to find out that it is the brainchild of Erica OBrien. This one is another find off of Pinterest and I absolutely adore it!

I love the simplicity and clean lines of the cake. It looks modern and traditional at the same time. And I love love love the different shades of blue she used to bring in a pop of color. I think the little hearts (although Read More


Peanut Butter Addiction Cake

Reese's Cake

Peanut butter and chocolate…is there a more heavenly combination? But seriously I am full-fledged Reese’s addict, and this cake is a dream come true!

I came across this blessed jewel on Pinterest but it originated from the lovely Cup A Dee Cakes. They classified it as a groom’s cake but I happen to think that it would be a great non-traditional (and yet still traditional) wedding cake.

And if you didn’t swoon over the copious amounts of Reese’s cups on the cake get ready for the deliciousness inside! It is a dark chocolate cake covered in peanut butter buttercream frosting. I’m in heaven ya’ll!

Now if you will excuse me I am off to satisfy my Reese’s craving while you all contemplate the amazingness of this cake!

Source: Pinterest


Nautical Mini Wedding Cakes

Nautical Mini Wedding Cakes

Adorable! That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw these Mini Wedding Cakes on Pinterest.

I have a slight obsession with miniature baked goods…I’m not sure if it makes me feel less guilty about eating something “unhealthy” or if I just like the idea of miniature things. Either way I love mini cakes, mini cupcakes, cake pops (they may not be miniature but they are small), and petit fours. And while most miniature goodies are not decorated elaborately today’s featured minis are incredible! The attention to detail is amazing…I mean look at the rope border on the tiers of the cake, the bronze anchor, the flowers, and the stripes! Can you imagine the time it took to perfect the details and make these look so good?

In my opinion these mini wedding cakes would be perfect for a dessert table or even as a wedding favor…but we want to know what you think about the whole mini cake idea?

If you love the nautical look of these mini cakes, check out this nautical wedding cake and this nautical cake topper we have featured!

Thanks, too, to our good friend Beth from Cakes by Beth for letting us know that these are the splendid work of The Caketress of Toronto!

Source: Pinterest


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for May 27, 2012

Daisy Wedding Cake

Happy Unofficial Start to the Summer Season, Y’all!

Do you wish people a Happy Memorial Day?  I mean, it kinda seems like a contradiction in terms.  When I was growing, up, Memorial Day was less about partying, and more about remembering.  I guess I’m happy with a hybrid of both:  do a spot of remembering, and then go honor those we love and miss, and others that gave all for our freedom, by enjoying some of that freedom and leisure.  What I don’t get?  Those pesky home improvement commercials that seem to think Read More


For the Guys: Klondike Bars As Groom’s Cake

Klondike Bars Grooms Cake

Hahahaha! YES.

Remember all the hullabaloo last year when Wills – sorry, the Duke of Cambridge – wanted his nursery tea favorite as his groom’s cake?  Suddenly, there was a huge clamoring for McVitie’s Biscuit Cake recipes.  (I have yet to make mine.  But I’m soooo gonna.  Someday.)  Well, in the spirit of “groom’s favorite treat as groom’s cake” – I give you…


No seriously.  I love this.  I mean, it’s brilliant in its simplicity (and you know I love simple brilliance) and I bet it perfectly captured the groom’s tastes and personality.

Now, I know several bakers that TOTALLY could’ve made a giant Klondike-Bar-Groom’s-Cake-looking-cake, and it would have been stunning.  But hey…if your guy just wants Klondike Bars, then give him Klondike Bars, you know?  Start the marriage off right 😉

This adorable photo was captured by Jenny Evelyn Photo.



Cake Topper Friday: Heart Emoticon Says ‘I Love You!’

emoticon heart cake topper

I <3 people all day long.  In emails, on Facebook posts…it’s become my shorthand of choice.

And it’s so ridiculous, really.  I mean, when did we all embrace our inner happy face junkies?  I :-) and LOL and <3 with the best of ’em.  I guess it’s because some days, I really do interact more with people online than in real life.  (Note to Self:  GET OUT MORE.)

But, until this happens, we have Read More


Cameo Wedding Cake with Fondant Pearls and Lace

Cameo Wedding Cake

Some cakes are just so gorgeous they take your breath away. For me this is one of those cakes.

I love love love the way Kara Buntin, of A Cake to Remember used a different design on each tier…it emphasizes the vintage feel of the cake.  The lace on the bottom tier was made from a fondant press. And Read More


Rose Wedding Cupcakes

Rose cupcakes

I have a slight obsession with cupcakes. Actually obsession might be underestimating it a bit. So when I saw these beautiful rose cupcakes from Syma at Sugar Rush I just had to feature them!

These cupcakes are a step above your ordinary wedding cupcakes. The beautifully crafted roses give a soft, romantic feel to the cupcakes. Can you imagine a tower of these gorgeous cupcakes at Read More


Hand Painted Bird’s Nest Cake

hand painted birds nest cake

This cake is vintage and gorgeous and I am in love! Amelie’s House is responsible for this wonderful concoction. They actually designed and made it for a baby shower but I think it would make a beautiful cake for a wedding (or a bridal shower).

Around the cake they painted a mimosa border (the flower not the delicious drink) because the featured refreshment at the shower were mimosa cocktails (yum!). But this cake isn’t all about the decor. The actual cake itself was Read More

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