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Yellow Blossom Wedding Cake

Yellow Wedding Cake

So, we’ve seen many cherry blossom wedding cakes of late.  But until now, I hadn’t seen yellow blossoms…and I am in love.

This cake, covered in fondant (ohso appropriate for the casual elegant outdoor reception), is trimmed with a meandering branch that spans all three layers.  Daintily perched on the branch are pale yellow blossoms Read More


Pink Bow Tie

pink bow toe

Cupcakes are probably the Lord’s perfect food.  I’ve accepted that fact.  For weddings, most cupcakes are dolled up with mile high buttercream frosting and look adorable to boot.  Sometimes though…you just need a pretty cupcake layered in chocolate ganache.


These adorable cupcakes are frosted with a thin layer of ganache and topped with a gorgeous light pink bow. I also think the random pink cupcake with the chocolate bow tie on the bottom tier is adorable Read More


Vintage Birdcage Cake


I’m all kinds of in love with Victoria Made. I knew it after we featured this cake and then this one. She is a goddess of gorgeous vintage style cakes.
This is a gorgeous separated two tier wedding cake with vintage inspired white roses between the two tiers. The cakes are covered in smooth white fondant and have a gorgeous fondant floral Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for August 28, 2011

Lael Peach cake

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

We’re in sort of a holding pattern here today…anyone else?  We’re talkin’ ’bout that time of year when kiddoes go back to school, but Labor Day hasn’t happened yet…so in your brain, you’re thinking brisk weather, polished and shiny apples for the teacher, and penny loafers…but on the news, you’re seeing summery things like hurricanes and picnic preparations.  It’s all so confusing.

So…if you’re like me, and you’d really like a respite for your tired, overworked brain, check out some of the latest from the World of Wedding.  We’ve gone in search of all the Sweet and Pretty Read More


Rustic Autumn Wedding Cake

Rustic Autumn Wedding Cake

I love me some fall.

Sure, most of the time (read: last week), you’ll find me prattling on about the beach and beachy fun.  But truth be told, autumn is my favorite time of the year.  And you don’t get so much autumn in Florida, until, oh, around January.

So about this time of the year, I start manufacturing autumn in my head.  And I do that by baking with pumpkin and apple, and looking at fall-y things.  This cake is just such Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Gnome Wedding Cake Toppers


Oh gnome you didn’t!

I’ve been waiting forever to say that.  Well. .at least since last Halloween when I tried to convince my husband to let me dress up our one year old as a garden gnome.  He wouldn’t let me–but I had all sorts of giggle-inducing puns ready just in case.  So since my efforts were thwarted back then I get to share them all with you people.  Lucky you.

But seriously…gnome cake toppers?!  I love it.  The certainly aren’t just for gardens anymore.  These adorable cake toppers are made by PhenomeGNOME (I think we would get along just fine with our gnome jokes).  You can personalize your gnome by choosing hair, clothing, mushroom, flower, and the base color.  They are hand made and hand painted and just gorgeous to look at.  Of course–if you fancy, they could just sit prettily on your shelves as well.  Who gnomes…it’s up to you.

Visit PhenomeGNOMEhere and the lisitng for these gnomes here.


Scrabble Cake Redux


We’ve featured a Scrabble themed cake here before.  However, that cake was a literal representation of the game…representing the board and all.  This one is a little more subjective.  If you’ve been pinning away on Pinterest you have probably seen a high variety of Scrabble-themed stuff.  And stuff was literally the only word that could encompass the Scrabble-mania that has rocked the pinning world.  Scrabble art, Scrabble cookies, Scrabble blankets…it’s amazing what you can do with those tiny letters.  I mean honestly…someone HAS to do something Read More


Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Cake


You knew it was coming.

England has Kate Middleton and we have Kim Kardashian.  Our forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves on that one.  Anyhow, I just so happen to be Kardash-crazy and my heart was all a flutter with the release of this photo from Us Weekly.

Unless you are living under a rock you may have heard that Kim Kardashian married NBA player Kris Humphries over the weekend.  Offical pictures have not be released from the Kardashian camp as of yet but of course little teasers Read More


Zombie Wedding Cake


Yup.  What better way than to celebrate your day that have life-like replicas made of you and your groom armed with chainsaws and warding off zombies who happen to look exactly like your wedding party?

I can’t think of any.  Truthfully when I found this cake on the interwebs I was a little, well, disturbed.  Then, after some research, I found out why exactly this sweet looking bride and groom would have such a cake.  The bride was proposed to while helping friends shoot this short movie for YouTube.  Be warned, it’s not exactly the happiest video I’ve ever seen.  Well, the sweet proposal is happy, but the blood-sucking and tongue-ripping zombies aren’t exactly my cup of tea.  If you do watch it please tell me that you agree that it is just pure luck that there is a guy dressed as a tree and he conveniently Read More


Doing it Yourself: Making Your Own Wedding Cupcakes


I’ve had this topic in my mind for months.  In fact when I began my research I wanted it to be my first feature that I did on A Wedding Cake Blog.  I am SUCH a Doing It Yourself kind of girl.  I love creating my own art for my home, making my own curtains or pillows instead of buying them.  Once I even tackled making a duvet cover (not as simple as it might seem).  I thought I would be ALL Read More

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