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purple yellow and blue wedding cake


Retro Bubble Cake


I love it when a cake can look cool AND gorgeous.  The two actually don’t go together as much as you might think.  Cool and unique cakes are usually just that..cool and unique.  Very rarely does a cool and unique cake take your breath away like this one does.

I love this cake made by The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, Fl.  This cake was actually used as a birthday cake, however, I think it could transition from birthday to wedding seamlessly.  This cake is a two tiered round cake covered in light blue fondant.  The bubbles come in blue, yellow and purple and are also made from fondant.  I love how to circles vary is size to add a lot of interest to the cake.  My favorite part of this cake is the single purple flower.  It is just gorgeous and really takes this cake from great to outstanding.

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