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Modern Wedding Cakes


The term “modern wedding cake” may mean different things to different people. Here at A Wedding Cake Blog, we take the term to mean anything with a contemporary feel; a cake that eschews the traditional white on white, piped and buttercreamed and trimmed with swags or roses. Modern may refer to a bold use of color, or a contemporary decor or shape. It may also refer to choosing something other than the grand, traditional tiered cake – a cake of macarons, for instance, or an assortment of individual cakes. Modern means that you are updating the tradition: perhaps you aren’t entirely throwing it out. You’re just giving it a breath of fresh air.


Modern Bird Wedding Cake

modern bird wedding cake

The birds are where it’s at these days! (I must be craving spring on this cold December day.)

I loved the modern, clean look of this cake with silhouetted, cut-out fondant birds and twigs surrounding a clean, golden-hued cake.

The addition of stark white Read More

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