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Cake Topper Friday: Engraved Wood State Cake Topper

state topper

There is something about being from South Carolina that makes people scream with pride. No really–have you driven through South Carolina on I-95 before and seen an annoyingly high amount of Palmetto Tree paraphernalia on the backs of our cars? We might not have the smartest kids (or beauty queens) and we may not have the fanciest buildings but we sure are proud of our beautiful beaches and the illustrious Palmetto Tree.

That’s why when I saw this cake topper by Braggin’ BagsI knew it was my next feature for Cake Topper Friday. Now I know this picture is of Georgia, our friendly neighbor to the south, but you can pick any of the continental United States when you purchase your cake topper. These toppers are made from wood and Read More