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disney themed cakes


Beauty and the Beast Cake


Did you hear the news?  Due to the success of the Lion King 3-D in theaters last month Disney will be re-releasing several Disney classics in 3-D including my favorites The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Oh yes.  In honor of that news I think we need a Beauty and the Beast inspired cake..don’t you?  The answer is yes.  Yes you do.

Check out the awesomness that is this cake.  Let’s start with the obvious..the incredible fondant work.  The first tier is set to look like Belle’s village in France.  The second tier features realistic portrays of Beauty and the Beast characters such as Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip.  The top tier and the topper showcase and immaculate replica of Belle and her Beast.  Seriously, replicating Disney characters is NOT something that can be done easily.  In fact I’ve seen a lot of cakes..well..flop in this area.  The BEST part of the cake is probably what your eye was drawn to first.  The rose in the vase that separates the second and third tier.  One, how do people think of these things.  That is super creative.  Two, it amazing and gives the cake such great height.  I would really love to know how exactly that rose is floating in there.

I’m in love.

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