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grey and pink wedding cakes


Silhouette Cake


I’m a woman of many hats. I’m a mom, wife, blogger, teacher, sewer and DIYer. There are lots of things I like to do..and I spend lots of time on the interwebs looking for inspiration (lesson plans, sewing patterns, house decorating). Some might say too much time.
Recently I saw everyone talking about the Pinterest website. It took me a few weeks and then after a gentle nudge from my friend AJ at the Disney Food Blog I requested my invite. A few days ago I got my official invitation and it’s been ALL downhill from there. There are wedding cakes ALL over that piece.

I have scoured pages & pages of wedding cakes. From big wedding websites, to small bakeries they are tons and tons and tons of cakes and I cannot wait to start featuring my favorites. So I am going to start here.. Read More