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yellow roses


Wedding Cake with Yellow Roses

yellow sage cake

As I walked a very long trail at the park today I was surrounded by thousands of blooming trees, plants, flowers, and probably some weeds too.

It’s been sunny and a little warm and combined with the rain earlier in the week everything is blooming!

Sure this means a lot of pollen but it also means I’m dreaming about wedding cakes with gorgeous flowers. Yes, I do dream about wedding cakes. Don’t you? Read More


Yellow Roses Wedding Cake

yellow rose cake

There’s just something about the color yellow – it’s so bright and cheerful and instantly puts me in a good mood.

The same can be said for this wedding cake.

It’s bright and cheerful and very elegant.

Now, yellow might not be your first color choice when deciding on a wedding cake, but I have to ask “why not?” Read More


Blue and Yellow Cake

blue and yellow

I love fresh color combinations and this blue and yellow is one of them.

Blue and yellow is a combo that can go drastically wrong though.  At times if the blue is too dark or the yellow is too gold it can come off a bit “sports fan”. Unless, you are specifically having those colors at your wedding because you are indeed the worlds biggest fan of whatever team you love..well then.  True story, I once went to a wedding of a friend who was such a big Clemson fan that she had her wedding in purple and orange.  We don’t have much here in South Carolina but we love our college football.

Back to blue and yellow..particularly this blue and yellow.  I love.  The blue is just light enough and the yellow is bright and sunshiny.  It makes me thing of Spring.  I love the yellow roses too.  I know they traditionally mean friendship..but who cares..they are so fun!  What do you think?  Do you love blue and yellow?  Do you know someone who had a sports team themed wedding?  Was it well done or over the top tacky?