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outdoor themed wedding cakes


Tree Trunk Groom’s Cake

Tree Trunk Grooms Cake

I recently attended a wedding where the bride and groom had an actual tree stump as the centerpiece on the gift table. The story was that they cut the tree down themselves and carved their initials in the trunk. It was quaint and rustic, and admittedly a little bit different. Read More


Mount Rainier Wedding Cake


I hope that you enjoyed Ruffle Week 2011. I know that I sure did. Seeing all that ruffly goodness made me proud to be a girl.

As much as I love themed weeks this week we’re back to featuring regular old un-themed wedding cakes. Of course the obvious theme would be Thanksgiving but did you know that Thanksgiving weddings aren’t extremely popular? Therefore, Thanksgiving themed wedding cakes…not so much? Luckily I did find a gem that I will save for Thursday’s post.

Instead let’s post a wedding cake that is modeled after Mt. Rainier in Washington state. Because when you think of Thanksgiving don’t you think of the most dangerous Read More