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cheese cake


Another Cheese. Cake.


You read that right. It’s another cheese period cake period.

When we first posted this back in December I thought it would be the only one we’d ever see. Then the very next month I found this cake, and I had to face the¬†SHOCKING revelation that not all people like cake. Who knew?

Well here we are, almost six months later, and I have found yet another cake made entirely of cheese. Is it just me or do they get more gorgeous every time we find a new one? The next one we find will be like Read More




Did you know that there are some people out there who DON’T like cake?

I am not one of these people, however, I totally believe in the person’s right to choose. Here’s the conundrum..what if you’re getting married..and you just don’t like cake? Or you have certain health reasons that prohibit you from eating cake? Do you want to spend a good chunk of your wedding budget on something you can’t enjoy? Probably not. So then you’re left with either skipping it all together or coming up with some kind of compromise and that’s exactly what this couple did when they came up with Read More