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whimsical wedding cake


Rainbow Wedding Cake

rainbow cake

I saw a news report this week about a rare quadruple rainbow that was spotted over New York State. As a big fan of rainbows I thought that would be pretty cool to see.

And then I found this rainbow dot wedding cake and my week was made!

I love this wedding cake so very much. It’s fun and whimsical and pretty much screams “spring!” in a refined way, of course. Read More


The ‘Oh! But February Is Not Over Yet!’ Cake

Red Hearts Cake

Celebrate your love – with gummies!  Yes!

How did I miss this cake on Valentine’s Day?  Well, we’ll excuse me, and claim poetic license – or what have you – and say that we can still celebrate Valentine’s Day, because it’s still February.

Look at this cake!  Will you just look at it?  Resplendent with Read More