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For the Guys: Megeve Chocolate Groom’s Cake

Megeve Chocolate Cake

For the boy who is a man and is getting married, and loves France, or chocolate, or skiing, or all of the above, I give you the Megeve Chocolate Groom’s Cake.

Named for the French ski resort town of the same name, this kinda looks like a big, delicious, chocolate mountain, doesn’t it?  With its dusting of icing sugar, I’d like to swish my way down the side of it with a fork right about now.  Beneath all those chocolate curls you’ll find discs of vanilla meringue sandwiched together with chocolate mousse.  Yum and more Yum.

I found this deliciousness on Martha Stewart, but I spy a little “F” insignia in the front, and I’m wondering if it stands for Fauchon, a food emporium in Paris…also known as HEAVEN ON EARTH.  (No.  Seriously.  Go there.  Now.)



Martha Stewart Ruffle Tower Cake


Guess what?

I have hereby determined that it’s Ruffle Week here on AWCB.

Why?  Because I have an abundance of ruffle cakes in my Pinterest folder and I have been teaching 2nd grade long enough to know that every week needs a theme.  Oh yes.

To kick off RW ’11 (Ruffle Week 2011) we’ve got to pay homage to the Goddess of the Ruffle herself.  You know who I am talking Read More