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horror movie themed wedding cakes


Bride of Chuckie Wedding Cake

Jennifer & JD Wedding Cake


This is happening. I was a little disturbed that I found this after Halloween. This would have made a great addition to my week of Halloween themed cakes. However, I sadly found it just a few weeks after Halloween and holding on to it for next year would have been smart. Sadly, I just couldn’t keep this to myself.

I had to share.

Chuckie and his err..um..gorgeous? wife sit on top of this cake that pays homage to all things crawly with spiders and blood drippings on the top tier and a creepy Read More


Zombie Wedding Cake


Yup.  What better way than to celebrate your day that have life-like replicas made of you and your groom armed with chainsaws and warding off zombies who happen to look exactly like your wedding party?

I can’t think of any.  Truthfully when I found this cake on the interwebs I was a little, well, disturbed.  Then, after some research, I found out why exactly this sweet looking bride and groom would have such a cake.  The bride was proposed to while helping friends shoot this short movie for YouTube.  Be warned, it’s not exactly the happiest video I’ve ever seen.  Well, the sweet proposal is happy, but the blood-sucking and tongue-ripping zombies aren’t exactly my cup of tea.  If you do watch it please tell me that you agree that it is just pure luck that there is a guy dressed as a tree and he conveniently Read More