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plumeria wedding cakes


Blue and Yellow Flower Cake with Plumeria

Plumeria Wedding Cake

Sometimes it's the simple and elegant cakes that really grab your attention. Case in point – this beauty.

There is much to love about this cake, starting with the Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for May 20, 2012

steampunk wedding cake 2

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Where does this spring day find you?  On a picnic?  Up to your eyeballs in spring cleaning?  Planning a blow out vacay for Memorial Day Weekend?

Well, where ever and whatever you are up to, I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to put your feet up and look at some lovely, fluffy stuff with us!  Let’s get started with a peek at what we were up to this week on A Wedding Cake Blog!

On Monday, we featured this Read More


Plumeria and Ruffles Wedding Cake

Plumeria and Ruffles Wedding Cake

This one…is for my mom. Happy Belated Mothers’ Day, Mom! Here’s your wedding cake!

My mom took the trip of a life time a few years back with one of her best chums and my grandmother – to Hawaii, some place Mom and MaMa (remember, I’m from West Virginia, y’all) had always wanted to go. They came back absolutely in LOVE with Read More