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bride and groom cake topper


Cake Topper Friday: Mini Wedding Cake

Miniature Cake Cake Topper

What's the best Wedding Cake Topper?  How about a Wedding Cake?

This is seriously cute, don't you think?  The groom and the bride, kicking back after an exhilarating and exhausting day of celebration, by cutting their cake, and having a slice.  But look at it!  I mean it's exactly like the big cake it sits on top of!

Isn't it great when Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Gumpaste Bride and Groom


It always amazes me what cake artists can do with a little gumpaste.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen that stuff before it’s carved and molded into something like this?  It’s not exactly the easiest substance to work with.  How it goes from a lump of white stuff to this I’ll never know.  I guess that’s why I just write about cakes instead of making them.

But go ahead and check out the new Mr. & Mrs. on top of this gorgeous pink cake.  The bride and groom are carved to cartoonish perfection – perfect to add a little bit of fun to the top of your wedding cake.  I also love the cake that they sit on Read More