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candy covered cakes


Crushed Candy Wedding Cake


In my quest to find a wedding cake that was both beautiful and brightly colored, I stumbled upon this lovely confection and just had to share it with you!

It reminds me of this rock candy wedding cake we featured a few years back but I think I like this yellow, sunny cake a little bit more, if only because the color reminds me of sunshine and spring and warm weather.

Admit it – you thought of sunshine as soon as you saw this cake, right? Read More


Chocolate Sampler Wedding Cake

choclate sampler cake

One of the most famous movie lines of all time is “life is like a box of chocolates” and now you can have a wedding cake that is just like a box of chocolates.

Check out this incredible – and rather unique – cake that features a sampler of chocolates on each tier. That’s right – this cake is your very own chocolate sampler box!

Who wouldn’t love this cake?

The cake was made to resemble a box of chocolates – it sits on a ribbon-trimmed board and the icing on the cake was even piped to mimic a box of chocolates. Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Photograph Clip Cake Toppers

Photograph Clip Cake Toppers

While perusing Pinterest the other day, we found this gem.

Now, try to forget the spectacular candy-covered cake for a minute (it’s hard, we know.)  It reminds us of other candy-themed cakes we’ve featured here on A Wedding Cake Blog, like this rock candy cake, this cotton candy cake (swoon), this incredible M&M’s wedding cake, and this sixlet candy cake.

But we think the real star of this show is the super simple and oh-so-adorable photograph clip cake toppers.  Seriously!  A trip to Target, a couple of Polaroid snaps, and mark this one Read More


Smarties Cake


True story.  When I took my first trip to Europe I was 15 and my friend Brett begged me to bring him back some Smarties.  At first I scoffed at his request.  He could go down to the store and buy his own Smarties.  It wasn’t until later that he explained that Smarties and Smarties were different.  American Smarties are those round little things made from nothing but pure sugar.  European Smarties are actually flat round chocolates in a candy coated shell.  Think M&M’s but double the size.  I ate nothing but Smarties the entire two weeks I was in Europe..and maybe some pasta in Italy.  I think all I remember is the Smarties.  I was 15 I knew nothing of the joys of pasta covered in cheese and butter.  I could also spend two weeks eating nothing but Smarties and it wouldn’t show up on my thighs a week later.

Imagine my happiness when I found this cake covered entirely in Smarties.  It’s almost channeling the Sixlet covered cake that I featured a few weeks ago.  Perhaps it’s my love of candy covered cake or nostalgia for my youth that has my heart thumping when I first laid eyes on this beauty.

What do you think?  Do you love cake covered in candy?  Have you ever had Smarties?  Did it change your life?  Do you still wish you had the metabolism of a 15 year old?

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Sixlet Cake


Here are things I like in no particular order:

1. Cake

2. Chocolate Covered Candy

3.  Cakes covered in Chocolate Covered Candy

Oh my…have my dreams come true? Yes, yes I think they have.  Oh wait a second…is that a double…no, triple height tier?  Yes, yes I think it is.  I’m kind of amazed.  While this cake truly screams BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  I think with a change up in Sixlet colors and sprinkles this could make an awesome wedding cake.  I have to admit I wasn’t sure what Sixlets were exactly but according to Heather at Sprinkle Bakes they are basically round M&M’s that come in a bunch of fun colors.  I also can’t imagine the steady hand that put all those Read More