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custom made cookies


Fun Wedding Favors – Customized Cartoon Cookies

personalized cookies

In my quest to find fun and unique wedding favors sometimes I find a favor that even I can’t believe really exists.

Today’s wedding favor falls into that category – customized cartoon cookies.

Now I’ve featured pretty wedding cookies and even bride and groom Oreos before, but cookies that are a cartoon version of the happy couple…that’s a new one. Read More


Cookie Buffets – A New Wedding Tradition


We've all seen candy bars at wedding receptions where guests can pack a little take home box full of sweet treats for later, but what about a cookie buffet? It seems these are all the rage in the great city of Pittsburgh.

I find this to be a fascinating and really fun trend when it comes to wedding receptions. Sure, everyone expects cake for dessert but imagine how surprised your guests would be to see a table full of cookies! And we're not talking just a few cookies either. No sir! Apparently to do the cookie table properly the bride-to-be and her female relatives spend weeks (or months!) baking and freezing thousands of cookies. Read More


Pearl Macarons

Pearl Macaron

As a lover of all things French and anything featuring pearls, I am madly, head over heels in love with these pearl macarons. They are refined, gorgeous, and would be perfect at an elegant reception or even for a bridal shower. Imagine a Paris-themed wedding with these plated as a Read More


Bridesmaid Cookies

Bridesmaid Cookies

True story..I struggled with a way to figure out how to ask my Bridesmaids to be in my wedding.  I wanted a cute way to do it..but I just couldn’t think of one.  Some ideas I did have?

  • A spa day..the problem..I was saving for a honeymoon..who had money for a SPA day?
  • A CD with songs that reminded me of them..the problem..I was not tech savvy.

So I ended up making a card with a cute little bride on the front and inside it said “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  Cute..yes..but nowhere near as exciting as I had wished.  When I saw these cookies by Amy Bakes I literally wished that I could hop in my time machine and go back and give these Read More