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butterfly wedding cakes


Wedding Cake with Crystal Butterflies

butterfly cake

Despite the winter wonderland outside my window, I have decided it’s time to embrace all things spring in the hope that there’s a thaw on the way and we’ll see green grass again sometime soon.

As part of this ‘let’s think spring’ movement, I had to find a spring-y wedding cake to share today, and I think I found it!

This lovely light green cake is perfect for a spring wedding! Read More


Pink Flower Cutting Cake and Cupcake Tower

Pink Flower Cupcake Tower 1

I feel like putting on my lacy gloves, Jessica McClintock hat, and heading to a tea party!

Isn’t this precious?  Helen and David certainly had a lovely little cupcake tower and cutting cake to celebrate their Big Day.  I love the petal pink hue, and the fluttery Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Birds Nest Topper

cake topper

Oh yes..another bird related cake topper.

This one though..is a birds nest. A real live on. Well..I guess technically birds nest aren’t “living” so to speak, but it’s a real one. Made by birds. The bride got this one from her work and filled in with Spanish Moss and decorated the nest with cream speckled eggs..which I don’t think are real..and colorful butterflies. Those are fake.

We’ve actually featured this cake before in this post however, I figured it was so unique and special it deserved a post all its own.

What homemade cake toppers have you seen? What kind of topper do you like better: handmade like the bicycle riders I featured a few weeks ago, store bought like this Lenox figurine we featured last week or homemade by the bride like is featured here?

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Dreaming of Spring..


I have to admit that on days when it doesn’t get past 50 degrees in South Carolina and I haven’t seen then the sun in about five days..I get a little feisty.

I think I may of mentioned how I feel about January once before. Only instead of dreaming of Fall today I am dreaming of Spring..and this cake Read More