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polka dot wedding cake


Peaches Wedding Cake

Peach Wedding Cake

We are a peach lovin’ family.  No.  You don’t EVEN understand.

Hubs is from the Great State of Georgia, and while we lived there, we waited with HUGE anticipation every year for the peach crop to come in.  And since it’s kinda short, we would buy tons and just gorge ourselves on them.  We’d freeze them.  And they went into everything we could possibly think to use them in.

So, when I saw this beautiful cake on Southern Living Magazine’s website, I just knew I had to feature.  It’s peaches, y’all!  The peach-colored cake is covered with white dotted swiss and topped with a bow.  But the real magic is the garnish of peaches and floppy peach colored roses and peonies at the base.  The cake is also adorably displayed on an overturned bushel basket.  Darling!



Silver Dotted Wedding Cake

polka dots

Do you remember my recent moaning and groaning about unoriginal wedding colors? Well since then I have seen a bevy of gorgeous color schemes. Like grey and light pink and lilac, grey and plum. We can now add Silver and Eggplant to that list as well. I am noticing a grey theme…and I kind of love it!

This cake makes my insides all happy! The sparkling metallic Read More


Black and Green Damask Cake

Black and Green Damask

Hello..my name is Christen and I would like to introduce you to my new boyfriend.  Or girlfriend..it seems like this cake has a little too much class to be a boy.  Either way I’m sure it’s delicious.  At least it looks delicious, that is.

Black and green usually isn’t a color combination that jumps out at me.  It actually sort of reminds me of bruising…but I digress, because in this instance it makes perfect sense.  The four-tiered cake has alternate Read More