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light blue wedding cake


Blue and White Wedding Cake

blue cake

Imagine for a second if your “something blue” was actually your wedding cake!

That would be pretty incredible, especially if you chose something as stunning as this gorgeous blue and white cake.

There's just something about blue wedding cakes that I find intriguing. Every bride should have something blue for good luck on her wedding day so why not make the cake blue? It's certainly not what people are expecting as a wedding cake color. Read More


Blue Damask Wedding Cake

blue damask cake

There is something to be said for an elegant wedding cake. And this damask wedding cake is both elegant and beautiful.

We’ve featured damask cakes here before and each time we do the cake is so incredibly gorgeous that it’s almost too pretty to eat.

I love the color combination on this cake more than anything – it’s what drew me to the cake, more so than the damask scrollwork.The blue and brown work so well together and they’re perfect colors for a late fall or early winter wedding. And with a blue cake, you’ll have your “something blue.” Read More


Light Blue Wedding Cake

Blue hydrangea wedding cake

Sometimes all you need is a simple and classic wedding cake.  There is something about light blue and white that brings me inner peace.  That might be why every room in my house has a blue color scheme.

This cake makes me happy.  It’s a square cake with three tiers.  It’s covered in white fondant and adorned with a light blue ribbon around the middle.  The bottom and top tiers have beautiful white scroll work and the topper is a neat cluster Read More


Retro Bubble Cake


I love it when a cake can look cool AND gorgeous.  The two actually don’t go together as much as you might think.  Cool and unique cakes are usually just that..cool and unique.  Very rarely does a cool and unique cake take your breath away like this one does.

I love this cake made by The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, Fl.  This cake was actually used as a birthday cake, however, I think it could transition from birthday to wedding seamlessly.  This cake is a two tiered round cake covered in light blue fondant.  The bubbles come in blue, yellow and purple and are also made from fondant.  I love how to circles vary is size to add a lot of interest to the cake.  My favorite part of this cake is the single purple flower.  It is just gorgeous and really takes this cake from great to outstanding.

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For everything there is a season..


Including cakes! I have to admit when I saw this cake from a distance I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on.

Then with closer inspection I realized that this is a basic three tiered square cake. Only this cake was a little different! On each side there is a tree and each tree represents a different season. It’s the weather cycle at its best folks. Now, this isn’t something that could just be slapped on a cake Read More