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martha stewart


Flashback Friday – Blake Lively’s Wedding Cake


We all know that celebrity wedding cakes can sometimes be a bit over-the-top and audacious. But not this one. I love the shabby chic simpleness of Blake Lively’s wedding cake, which was part of her Martha Stewart-styled wedding to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds last year.

The cake was the centerpiece of a dessert table that was full of the couple’s favorite sweet treats including mini strawberry shortcakes, lemon meringue tartlets, and s’mores bars. Read More


Mini Cheesecake Wedding Cupcakes

mini cheesecake cupcakes

Aren’t these darling?

You know, you think you’ve seen one cupcake, and you’ve seen them all.  Sher, the frosting colors change.  But the basic set up doesn’t.  You have cake, you have frosting, voila.  Here’s your cupcake.

But how awesomely awesome is this?  Cheesecake…instead of cupcakes.  Cheesecake as cupcakes.  And the precious little jam hearts baked right in make these uber perfect for any wedding – formal, casual, or anything in between.

Once again, it takes Read More


Confetti Wedding Cake

Confetti Wedding Cake

Shouldn’t a wedding be, first and foremost, a celebration?  And shouldn’t a celebration involve lots and lots of confetti?!

It’s ever so much better than rice, in my opinion.

Does anyone ever throw rice anymore?  Or for that matter, is anyone using birdseed these days?  We used these adorable rice paper hearts confetti, courtesy of Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Marzipan Cherries

Marzipan Cherries

I have a confession:  by and large, I’m not a big fan of wedding cake toppers.  Blame it on my age…but never was I so glad to see an era come to an end, than the one that involved tiny Greek columns and people perched on wedding cakes. 

Nowadays, though, we’re seeing all kinds of things atop cakes, from action figures, to bling, back to flowers, forward to bunting, and many, many “humorous” renditions of brides and grooms.  (You know the type…the bride dragging Read More


M&M Wedding Cake


Insert.  Gasp.  Here.

This cake is layered with M&M’s.  You are probably wondering what kind of creative powerhouse came up with this bad boy?  Martha Stewart Weddings…that’s who.  I mean really…who else do you think would create this cake layered with chocolatey goodness covered in a hard candy shell?

This cake was featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and has been making my Pinterest feed go nuts over the last few days.  This is a four tiered round cake slathered in buttercream and layered with rows and rows of perfectly spaced M&M’s…seriously…how do they do that?  I adore the soft pastel colors of pink, orange, and yellow because they just scream summer fun.  As you know, M&M’s can come in just about any color you can imagine (you can even get them personalized) so you can coordinate them to match your wedding colors.  I can see this cake covered in the oh-so-trendy dark purple, white, and gray or black, yellow, and gray.  Oh my, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

And most importantly…they melt in your mouth…not in your hand!

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Frosted Fruit Wedding Cake

Frosted Fruit Wedding Cake

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?  Back to a quaint time, called…the nineties.  Like, the 1990s.

I love Martha Stewart.  Have I mentioned that?  At least, I love her ideas, and how she transformed gracious, beautiful living into something everyone wanted to embrace.  And one of my very favorite ideas that I gleaned from Martha was the use of fruit or flowers to embellish and garnish cakes.

Now, I realize she didn’t invent the practice, but I believe she certainly went a long way Read More


Egads, It’s a Cake by Martha Stewart!


I have honestly been waiting to do two things on this blog since we started in December.

  1. Say ‘egads,” and
  2. Feature a cake by the goddess of weddings, Martha Stewart.

Today my dreams come true..because LOOK!  Read More