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red velvet cupcakes


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for April 15, 2012

Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Happy Tax Day, Y’all!

Well…technically, it’s not, since it’s, you know, a Sunday.  And the government DOES still take weekends off.  Still, I see that date on the calendar and that’s what I think of.  Oh no!  Wait!  Whew.  Okay.  I already did that.

So, I’m sure we’d all rather talk about April showers, May flowers, etc, etc.

Really, I am so crazy excited Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond ring cupcake

Helloooo, Cupcake.

I may have just found my favoritest.  Cake topper.  EVER.


Specifically, one mongo huge diamond, in the form of a solitare setting, nestled in the luxe cream cheese icing of a perfectly sumptuous red velvet cupcake.


So, Girls, can you think of a better way for Read More


Cake versus Cupcake: The Smackdown

In this corner we have the traditional wedding cake.  The modern wedding cake was introduced in the 20th century and the tiered wedding cake became popular in 1902.

In the other corner we have the cupcake.  The cupcake can actually be traced back to 1796…over one hundred years before the first modern wedding cake.  Their popularity at weddings only happened in the 2000’s as cupcakes became trendy.  According to Wikipedia, the cupcakes first gained publicity in 2001 after Magnolia Bakery in New York City was featured on an episode of Sex and the City.  Thank YOU Carrie Bradshaw.

A dilemma many modern brides are having is the great debate between cupcake versus cake.  Which one do you choose?

Well, let me break it down for you:

The Traditional Wedding Cake

Photo Source

Wedding Cake

The Tradition. A wedding without a cake seems almost unheard of.  If you were paying Read More


Oh, Brooke Davis you looked beautiful on your wedding day…

Wedding in Columbia, SC at St. Peter's Catholic Church.

After eight seasons of stabbings, shootings, adopted/foster children, violent attacks, numerous boyfriends and a failed multi-million dollar company Brooke Davis finally got married tonight.  Are you confused?

Brooke Davis (a.k.a Sophia Bush) from One Tree Hill on The CW.  Am I the only person left in America who still cares?  Maybe..however, judge me if you must because it has been years in the making.  I’ve spent the past six years of my life tuned in once a week to watch the Read More


Here is where I died..and went to cupcake heaven

Cupcake Tower

I know we haven’t known each other long, but I think you know by now Christen + cupcakes = love. Therefore it’s not uncommon that you’ll see blog post about my aforementioned love for cupcakes (and my love for words including the word “fore” apparently). I love them all..vanilla, chocolate, old school (vanilla cake & chocolate icing) and any other Read More


Red Velvet Wedding Cupcakes

Disney Cupcakes

Do you ever see a picture and suddenly all is right with the world? This just happened to me.

There is something you should know about me interwebs…it only takes one of three things to make me happy: Cupcakes, Disney World & anything pink. Combine them all together? Well..let’s just say after I found this picture my husband had to come and pick my jaw up off the floor and put it back together. In other words? Perfection!

Just look at this gorgeous presentation of Red Velvet Cupcakes at a recent Disney Wedding. The frosting looks almost Read More