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pink roses


Rose Wedding Cake

white cake with red rose

Sometimes the simplest wedding cakes are the ones that stop you in your tracks.

That just about sums up today’s wedding cake. It’s pretty. And simple. And elegant.

And it is adorned by one very lovely rose but it doesn’t need anything else.

I love wedding cakes with fresh flowers – and usually that means a lot of fresh flowers. Read More


Chocolate Roses Wedding Cake

fb aphrodit +large pink flowers

I love roses, which means this cake is quite possibly my favorite cake in a very long time.

This cake is another incredible creation by our friends at Hockleys Cakes in the United Kingdom and it’s gorgeous!

Called the ‘Aphrodite,’ the cake is a vision of pink and white roses.

The three-tier cake is covered in 180 chocolate roses in addition to pink sugar roses. And it’s all hand-crafted.

Not only is this cake a stunner, but…180 chocolate roses! That is a lot of chocolate. If you’re a chocolate fan this is definitely the cake for you.

I love the subtly of the white chocolate roses and the bright color pop from the pink sugar roses. It  would be such a lovely cake at a spring or summer wedding, especially if you were incorporating roses into your floral theme.

Many thanks to our friends at Hockleys for sharing this creation with us.

Photo credit: Hockleys Cakes



Pink Roses Wedding Cake

hot pink

I love pink roses. They are my second favorite flower…next to the gerbera daisy. I got married in October and when I met with my florist I said, “I want gerbera daisies,” and he said, “Change your wedding day and we have a deal!”

Apparently October is not the idea time for daisies. Who knew?

And so I settled for roses. I guess this really wasn’t so much settling as I do love roses as well. I told him I really didn’t care as long as they were pink. “What about hot pink?” he said. From that moment on my world was rocked and I was in love Read More


Striped Wedding Cake

striped cake

I have to admit. Spending a good chunk of my days looking at wedding cakes I have come to a conclusion. A lot of wedding cakes look the same. Now here is something you don’t see everyday. A striped wedding cake!
I love it..love it, love it!
There are a few things about this cake that make it unique. First, the obvious. The stripes! These stripes could be so hard to pull off. One misplaces stripe on an otherwise gorgeous cake and all we would be talking about is how one stripe is a half a centimeter closer to the other stripe than it should be. I also love the subtle color of the brown stripes. I would love to see this in a light pink..or blue..or oh my gosh turquoise! I die! The second thing is the separated tiers. It’s basically two cakes in one. The pink/peach/brownish roses that separate the tiers give it such great balance. If you hadn’t heard..I love this cake!

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