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unusual wedding cakes


Breakfast Food Wedding Cake


My absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast. You can do savory and sweet at the same meal – pancakes with maple syrup and a side of sausage links to dip in the syrup is a personal favorite.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came upon this unusual and completely awesome wedding cake that features many of the best breakfast foods out there. Read More


Colorful Baby Cakes Wedding Cake Tower

baby cakes wedding cake

Happy Election Day, Everyone!  Isn't it comforting to know that the sun will go on rising and setting, regardless of who wins this election?

I thought we could all use some Read More


Naked Cake Part Two: Bananas Foster Wedding Cake

Naked bananas foster wedding cake

A couple of weeks ago, I featured this naked wedding cake, and got (mostly) rave reviews!  Y’all loved its rustic warmth and general yummy lookingness.  Well, I couldn’t help but share this one with you, too.  Because it’s kind of a mess, but I lurve it.

This bananas foster naked cake is obviously inspired by the flambe dessert that has been made famous in New Orleans.  I love the perfectly controlled chaos here – layer upon layer of cake and bananas and yummy filling, heaped, but neatly heaped.  All displayed on a lovely, vintage  milkglass pedestal stand.

How darling would this cake be for a Read More


Rice Krispy Cake Part Two


Here’s a conundrum I am having. Perhaps you English majors out there could help me. I know the brand is “Rice Krispies” but if I use it describing a cake does it become Rice Krispy or Rice Krispie? OR, do I leave it as Rice Krispies Cake because technically there is more than one krispie involved in this bad boy. If only I knew how to insert a poll on the blog. Dilemma.

Anyway, on with what we are here for. Wedding Cake. More specifically a brand spanking new version of the amazing Rice Krispy/Krispie/Krispies cake that I featured last month. Only this cake is more official since it comes from the Rice Krispies recipe website! And bonus, it has a recipe so you can attempt to tackle the Rice Krispie wedding cake yourself. You can check out the recipe and picture here. I wonder how many boxes 57 cups of Rice Krispies would be?

Personally, these cakes are amazing and if I attended a wedding or shower where one of these was the cake I would probably ninja kick anyone who got in my way. How do you feel Read More


Massive Floral Italian Wedding Cake

Massive Italian Wedding Cake

To begin…a couple of points about this cake.

So…I don’t normally feature pictures that are obviously snapshots.  And I don’t normally feature pictures that have people in them.  But I searched and searched for a not snapshot-y, non-peopled picture of this cake, and couldn’t find one.  And this cake?  Must Be Featured.

Just look at it!  I have never, in all my days on this earth (and I won’t tell you how many of those there are) seen a cake of this scale.  In it’s own way, it’s bigger than Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s cake, and that one was pretty large.  But the depth of the layer on this cake are truly astounding.  Really, I Read More