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brightly colored wedding cakes


Summer In Bloom Wedding Cake

Summer Garden Wedding Cake

Today, it was time.

It was time for a vibrant, lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer wedding cake.

Doesn’t this lovely creation just capture the mood of summer perfectly? Whiling away the days, bees buzzing, everything blooming to the hilt, green everywhere. I picture an outdoor ceremony with lots of floppy hats and sundresses. The bride might even have left her shades on.

And isn’t that the neat thing about cakes? Sometimes, you can look at them, and just know the feel of the wedding. I love when Read More


Gingham and Flower Wedding Cake

Gingham Wedding Cake

Gingham is darling anyway, but gingham on a cake? Yes, please!

The brainchild of Bijoux Doux in New York City, this cake is whimsical, joie de vivre-y, and makes me want to wear a party dress and drink lemonade.  In other words, it’s summer perfection.

The double-height layers – an effect that we just love around here – are covered with what appear to be made with a silkscreen transfer on sheets of chocolate, but it could be fondant with an amazingly sharp edge.  The muted Read More


Vibrant-Colored Tulip Wedding Cake

Spring Tulip Cake

Who needs some spring…like, right this minute?  ‘Cause I totally have some for you today.

Ah, Pinterest strikes again.  But I love what usually happens to me.  I find something I just adore on Pinterest, which leads me to someone’s website, where I find something I adore more.

That’s what happened today.  And I just knew that you, my winter weary worn friends, could appreciate this pretty, vibrant cake.  Four whimsical, tall layers of cake in alternating bright yellow and pretty pink and polka dots.  The two top layers of Read More


Indian-Inspired Red and Gold Wedding Cake

Indian Inspired Wedding Cake

We love a little pop of color in a wedding, and this one was just incredible.

Jenny and Aashish sought to bring together her Midwestern background with his Indian heritage, and the result was one of the most stunning weddings I’ve ever seen.  Of course, I’m a sucker for cranberry red, so that might be part of it…I would TOTALLY wear that bridesmaid,s dress again.

But of course, the cake is the star of OUR show.  And the cranberry red shows up here, too.  Three simple layers, decorated with a mehndi-inspired paisley motif in gold, trimmed with cranberry red ribbon, and topped with a few Read More


Wedding Cake Trends for 2011

Buttoned Cake

So seven months into 2011 I think it’s time we talk trends baby. Cake trends that is. Because let’s face it..I am always behind on clothing trends. I try so hard but oh my goodness how do I love a pony-tail and cardigans..I am so boring that way.  However, cake trends?  I think I got it.

Since I’ve been blogging about wedding cakes five days a week for the last seven months I have begun to take notice of the good, the awesome, and the coveted of wedding cake designs. There are lots of fun options that you can do with your wedding cake. 2011 has definitely been a wedding season of sweet, pretty, and creative. Here are just a few things that I am digging as we make our way into the last five months of 2011.

Double It Up

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

The Double Height Tier is probably my favorite trend this year.  It’s a pretty simple concept: take a simple three-tier round cake and add height to one of the tiers.  It gives the cake height and an asymmetrical quality that takes it from a normal cake to a spectacular one.   Traditionally a cake tier is anywhere from 3-4 inches tall.  To achieve the double height the baker simply adds Read More


Mad Hatter Wedding Cake

Mad Hatter

I’m late..I’m late..for a very important date!

You know what that means. I’m getting all Disney on you again. In the hub-bub of the Royal Wedding I forgot to showcase one of my favorite themed wedding cakes. This cake was made by the Grand Floridian Resort Bakery at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It was made for the All Night Royal Sleepover Celebration held at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion the night before Read More