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stacked wedding cakes


White Wedding Cake with Pink Peonies

Addy B Pink Peony White Cake

Blame it on the heat, or possibly overstimulation.  But lately, I’ve been craving posts about white wedding cakes.

Color is fun, color is fab, and color will probably be the star of my next post.  But the other day, as I was writing a guest post for another loverly blog (more about that later!), I began to search our catalog of cakes for a white cake.  And I couldn’t find one.

Now, there’s a lot of talk out there about “boring white wedding cakes.”  I suppose that, if you’re a baker and you’re stuck making white cake after white cake, that would get a little, you know, mind-numbing.  But sometimes, Read More


Lattice Buttercream Wedding Cake with Mickey and Minnie Cake Topper

Lattice Mickey Minnie Wedding Cake

Today on the blog, we’re getting an extra dose of adorable.  And moreover, we’re seeing adorable done right, which is even better.

Check out this absolutely precious cake.  This four-tiered beauty was the star of the show at Melissa and Heath’s wedding, which took place in 2006.  The couple had never been to Disney before going together while they were dating…and they were instantly hooked on the magic.  They even considered getting married at Walt Disney World, but opted for a hometown wedding, and a cake that served as an homage to their favorite vacay Read More


Before You Choose Your Baker Part I


Get excited because this is a two part-er!

We have showcased hundreds of gorgeous wedding cakes on here.  The supply of amazing and gorgeous photos of cakes is limitless…but we all know those cakes didn’t just appear out of thin air.  They came from somewhere.  They were made by someone who was inspired by an idea.

It’s almost as exciting as the story about where babies come from.  Almost.

If you truly think about it this is your one opportunity as a bride to truly create something that symbolizes your wedding.  You wedding venue has done thousands of weddings before.  Your dress? There are probably at least a hundred other girls wearing it on your wedding day. Well, unless you are The Duchess of Cambridge of course.  Even though your baker has baked thousands of wedding cakes before.  Each every one is unique and special in their own way.  To me that makes them the most important part of your reception.

However, before you run into your baker for that wonderful tasting there are a few things you should do before choosing your baker.  This post will be in the form of a list.  Why?  Because I love lists.

1.  Research!  You’re off to a good start if you’re reading this.  Research is so important–because honestly you can’t walk into a baker without any idea of what you want or else you’ll end up with something that isn’t truly yours.  While you won’t actually be the one baking, sculpting, and icing, you Read More


Emerald Ribbon and Diamond Brooch Wedding Cake.

Emerald Green Ribbon and Diamond Brooch Cake

I. Love. This. Cake.

I think it’s everything that a wedding cake for an evening wedding should be.  It’s stylish.  It’s elegant.  It’s dressed up.  It’s refined.  The colors are used sparingly, but with dramatic effect.  And they are hues Read More


White Summer Wedding Cake

White Flower Wedding Cake

Isn’t this just one of the prettiest things you have ever laid your eyes on?

I fell in love with this cake the MOMENT I saw it.  Ethereal, lovely, lady like, gossamer blossoms.  What description would you add?

Four layers of stacked cake, absolutely blanketed with lovely white sugar flowers, each with Read More