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Pink Polka Dot Wedding Cake

pink polka dot wedding cake

Sometimes you’ve just gotta do pink!

But this is completely different from what you’d expect. I love the 3D polka dots, pearlized and sitting like little solar system planets around the barely-there-pink cake! The white, squiggly Read More


Bicycle Wedding Cake Topper

bicycle wedding cake topper

This vintage-looking cake topper just took my breath away. It’s so simple, so unique, and so whimsical. The looks on their faces, the way she’s reaching around to hold his arm — sharing the handlebars with him, her veil flying Read More


Modern Bird Wedding Cake

modern bird wedding cake

The birds are where it’s at these days! (I must be craving spring on this cold December day.)

I loved the modern, clean look of this cake with silhouetted, cut-out fondant birds and twigs surrounding a clean, golden-hued cake.

The addition of stark white Read More


Bird Wedding Cake Topper

bird wedding cake topper

One of the more stunning cake toppers we’ve seen, this molded bird topper looks almost real but remains tempting to the eye. The simple, slightly animated feeling of the birds sets off the artistry of the piece, and I love the addition of fruit on top of the Read More


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waterfall Wedding Cake

chocolate covered strawberry wedding cake 2

Another gorgeous cake featuring chocolate covered strawberries!

This one makes the strawberries the focal point, letting them cascade down a rich, chocolate-frosted tiered cake like Read More


Under the Sea Wedding Cake

Under the Sea Wedding Cake

OK, I had to stick with the under the sea theme after those cutie pie scuba diver cake toppers!

This one features a shark and what looks to be either a sunfish…or a yellow submarine! 😉 I really like the ship topper, but I can’t get over those little piped bubbles on the side. I think that’s a really fresh and Read More


Scuba Diver Cake Toppers

scuba diver cake toppers

A couple of adorable custom cake toppers from a wedding show up on the blog today! I feel in love with the look on her “face” holding the “I do!” sign. Kind of fun to see the whole crisped rice and cake “seascape” background, too!

From scrabble to seascape…I wonder what’s next!

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Scrabble Wedding Cake

scrabble wedding cake

Lots of couples have shared hobbies reflected in their cake selection, and this is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen! According to the photographer, there were also some scrabble tiles lined up along the sides on the big day.

Talk about precision. This goes along with the trend of Read More


Donut Wedding Cake

donut wedding cake

You’ve seen cupcake wedding “cakes,” but have you ever seen one made of donuts? Here you go!

This multi-tier monster is full of donuts and donut holes — all different flavors of Read More


Ribbon Wedding Cake

ribbon wedding cake

I had a hard time figuring out what to call this one; it’s so unique! I love the “ribbon” texture of the shaped chocolate and keep wondering “how’d they do that?!”

The shaped edges really make the ribbons stand out, and I like Read More

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