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summer wedding cake


Blue Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

blue cake with flowers

Today’s featured cake is one of those “wow!” cakes. As in, I said “wow!” as soon as I saw it.

If that’s not a showstopper, I don’t know what is.

This cake is almost over-the-top. It’s just teetering on the edge of “too much” but as a whole, it just works. Read More


Wedding Cake with Sprinkles

sprinkle wedding cake

We’re halfway through summer and I’m still loving wedding cakes with sprinkles!

I don’t know what it is about these cakes – other than they are fun and whimsical and sometimes even elegant. And, they’re totally not what you think of when you think “wedding cakes.”

After all, sprinkles are the kind of thing you find on a child’s birthday cupcake.

But I am loving this trend and I hope it sticks around. Read More


Naked Wedding Cake with Pink Peony

cake with peony

Sometimes, less is better.

For example – when it is 95 degrees outside with 1 million percent humidity, it’s better to be in a bathing suit than a business suit. Less is better.

The same can be said of wedding cakes. When it’s hot and humid outside sometimes the last thing you want is a wedding cake with a whole bunch of icing. Read More


Blackberry Wedding Cake

blackberry cake

I’ve recently decided that I need to eat more fruit and fresh berries are currently on the top of my list of must-have snacks.

So, when I saw today’s wedding cake I just knew I had to share it with you because it looks delicious and it would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

This two-tier blackberry wedding cake is absolutely stunning thanks to the blackberries surrounding each tier. Read More


Peaches Wedding Cake

Peach Wedding Cake

We are a peach lovin’ family.  No.  You don’t EVEN understand.

Hubs is from the Great State of Georgia, and while we lived there, we waited with HUGE anticipation every year for the peach crop to come in.  And since it’s kinda short, we would buy tons and just gorge ourselves on them.  We’d freeze them.  And they went into everything we could possibly think to use them in.

So, when I saw this beautiful cake on Southern Living Magazine’s website, I just knew I had to feature.  It’s peaches, y’all!  The peach-colored cake is covered with white dotted swiss and topped with a bow.  But the real magic is the garnish of peaches and floppy peach colored roses and peonies at the base.  The cake is also adorably displayed on an overturned bushel basket.  Darling!



Summer Garden Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake- Summer Garden Wedding

Today’s featured cake is another Pinterest find. And wow am I in love with this one! It is so romantic and sweet and gorgeous and well just amazing!

This cake was designed by Jessica Cakes in Minneapolis. I love the way she incorporated the garden feel of the couple’s wedding by creating green branches that look like they are growing up the cake. And the blue birds were also incorporated to match the programs. How sweet looking are Read More


Au Revoir, Summer: Brightly-Colored Floral Cake

Bright floral fondant cake

It’s September 22nd..and guess what? I’m done with you summer. I’m done with the heat, the miserable heat. Although, I must add I will take the vacation back though. Anyway, as my goodbye to summer I thought I’d share this cute little summer cake in order to make room for all the fall I am going to be throwing in your Read More