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Cake Topper Friday:: Runaway Groom Cake Topper


I have a secret.  For months I have avoided photos of perfectly good cakes for one reason.  Because they have a Runaway Groom Cake Topper.

I really am not a fan of these.  I’ve been keeping it in for months and decided to finally talk about this today.  Because after all it just is a cake topper.  It is actually meant to be a joke.  I assume that if a bride felt that she really needed to drag her man down the aisle she probably wouldn’t be marrying him.  Right?  Or, do I put too much faith in society?

To me this isn’t funny.  I guess I just don’t get it.  Why would people want this on their cake?  I had a friend who dated her boyfriend for ten years.  Yes, ten.  Sure by the time they finally walked down the aisle we made many jokes about how long it took and at the rehearsal dinner we all said the word finally about six hundred times.  However, if she had put this on her cake I would probably think it was a little bit sad.

Maybe my view is tainted because the only woman I’ve ever seen put this on her wedding cake (in real life) was actually a girl who literally had to convince her husband to marry her.  He’s miserable today.

Maybe now that I’ve gotten this off my chest I’ll be able to post those gorgeous cakes that I see with this topper on it instead of groaning.  Loudly.

I’m not trying to be Negative Nancy or the end all be all of Wedding Cake Toppers.  It’s a personal choice and I say if you love this topper and you think it’s hilarious by all means get your Runaway Groom on girlfriend!  But please tell me why.

Are you with me?  Do you think this topper is kind of obnoxious?  Or do you love it and think it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

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Beauty and the Beast Cake


Did you hear the news?  Due to the success of the Lion King 3-D in theaters last month Disney will be re-releasing several Disney classics in 3-D including my favorites The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Oh yes.  In honor of that news I think we need a Beauty and the Beast inspired cake..don’t you?  The answer is yes.  Yes you do.

Check out the awesomness that is this cake.  Let’s start with the obvious..the incredible fondant work.  The first tier is set to look like Belle’s village in France.  The second tier features realistic portrays of Beauty and the Beast characters such as Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip.  The top tier and the topper showcase and immaculate replica of Belle and her Beast.  Seriously, replicating Disney characters is NOT something that can be done easily.  In fact I’ve seen a lot of cakes..well..flop in this area.  The BEST part of the cake is probably what your eye was drawn to first.  The rose in the vase that separates the second and third tier.  One, how do people think of these things.  That is super creative.  Two, it amazing and gives the cake such great height.  I would really love to know how exactly that rose is floating in there.

I’m in love.

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Retro Bubble Cake


I love it when a cake can look cool AND gorgeous.  The two actually don’t go together as much as you might think.  Cool and unique cakes are usually just that..cool and unique.  Very rarely does a cool and unique cake take your breath away like this one does.

I love this cake made by The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, Fl.  This cake was actually used as a birthday cake, however, I think it could transition from birthday to wedding seamlessly.  This cake is a two tiered round cake covered in light blue fondant.  The bubbles come in blue, yellow and purple and are also made from fondant.  I love how to circles vary is size to add a lot of interest to the cake.  My favorite part of this cake is the single purple flower.  It is just gorgeous and really takes this cake from great to outstanding.

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Sweet and Clean White Cake


It’s been awhile since I’ve featured a classic white cake.  I have no idea why to be honest.  I guess I just post in phases.

This cake is just like the title says…sweet and clean.  In fact if wedding cakes start making appearances in laundry detergent commercials this one would be a front runner.  Doesn’t the look if it just make you think of a cool, crisp spring day with the sun shining and a slight breeze?

Is that just me?  I know it’s a little odd to equate laundry detergent commercials to wedding cake but it is what it is.  This cake is a clean three tiered square cake covered in crisp white fondant.  There is a light blue stripe around each base.  I actually just painted me bedroom a color similar to this and it makes me feel like I am at the beach.  Of course, the Gerber Daisies are what do it for me.

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Smarties Cake


True story.  When I took my first trip to Europe I was 15 and my friend Brett begged me to bring him back some Smarties.  At first I scoffed at his request.  He could go down to the store and buy his own Smarties.  It wasn’t until later that he explained that Smarties and Smarties were different.  American Smarties are those round little things made from nothing but pure sugar.  European Smarties are actually flat round chocolates in a candy coated shell.  Think M&M’s but double the size.  I ate nothing but Smarties the entire two weeks I was in Europe..and maybe some pasta in Italy.  I think all I remember is the Smarties.  I was 15 I knew nothing of the joys of pasta covered in cheese and butter.  I could also spend two weeks eating nothing but Smarties and it wouldn’t show up on my thighs a week later.

Imagine my happiness when I found this cake covered entirely in Smarties.  It’s almost channeling the Sixlet covered cake that I featured a few weeks ago.  Perhaps it’s my love of candy covered cake or nostalgia for my youth that has my heart thumping when I first laid eyes on this beauty.

What do you think?  Do you love cake covered in candy?  Have you ever had Smarties?  Did it change your life?  Do you still wish you had the metabolism of a 15 year old?

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Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for October 16, 2011

Mickey Pumpkin cake toppers

I’m writing to you from the wild, wonderful mountains of West Virginia.  We’re up for our annual fall visit, to see the leaves, to eat favorite foods, to hug the necks of people we love.  Sadly, a wild, wonderful wind came through the night we got here after an ungodly long drive.  So the pretty leaves are all on the ground.

But we will try and soak up some fall, and delight in our surroundings.  It really is nice to wear a sweater and not get hot.

I keep noticing wedding cakes everywhere I go!  There’s an adorable little coffee shop in Bridgeport that I’m dying to go over and Read More


Robot Wedding Cake

robot cake 2 resized wm

It is no secret that I love Kara Buntin of A Cake to Remember in Charlottesville  Richmond, Virginia.  She is original, she’s meticulous, she’s knowledgeable, she’s particular, she’s funny.  I learn from her blog and I’m inspired by it.

Earlier this year, Kara featured a contest for a local couple getting married.  She would make their cake, but with the (sort of) condition that she would be given some latitude artistically, to make a non-traditional wedding cake.  Later, she announced her winners, Carrie and Matt, and they got to work with the plan and design.

This original, adorable robot cake is the result.

Robots? Wedding cake?  You wouldn’t think so, but it works!  Kara worked with Carrie to come up with the theme.  At first, bride Carrie wanted a traditional wedding cake and a funny groom’s cake, because “that’s what is done.”  However, she was open to combining the two – and the theme was born!

Here is an excerpt from Kara’s blog, telling a little about the couple’s courtship:

“Matt hosted a Blogging/Web Development conference in May of 2009 and I attended for work. A few months later we struck up a conversation on twitter, became friends and talked (a lot) throughout the rest of the summer. In September of 2010 we went on our first date, and on September 18, 2010, one week shy of our 1-year anniversary, Matt asked me to marry him.”

Mr. Robot, inspired by the Twitter technical difficulties motif, sits on top of a traditional wedding cake, and holds another diminutive wedding cake, covered with an Xs and Ox motif.  The bottom cake has birds, which represent the couple’s Twitter courtship.  And because of the couple’s high tech connection, the bottom tier is bordered by “Matt plus Carrie XOXO” – spelled out in binary code around the base of the cake!  Kara also brought in some softer, more traditional touches to add to the whimsy, like the off center peony on the bottom layer.

This is truly an original, beautiful cake, and what’s more, it represents the couple to a T.  And THAT is the mark of an exceptional cake artist.


Cake Topper Friday: Rainbow and Little Tweet Cake Topper


Last May I kind of fell in love with Star House Designs when I featured their Bicycle for Two Cake Topper. That love was solidified today when I came across this adorable Rainbow and Little Tweet Cake Topper.

Somewhere over the rainbow…skies are blue! That’s how you should feel on your wedding day right? I love this cake topper because of its simple and sweet message. This topper is handmade and hand drawn by Heather and Jeremy of Star House. The topper is totally customizable including the color and the bird and Read More


Rose Cake


Sometimes cakes are too pretty to eat. Seriously, I would have an awful time eating this one. It’s just that gorgeous.

This cake was made by Mary from Apron of Grace for her neighbor’s birthday. While this cake might be a bit small for a wedding cake, Mary also states that the design would be lovely on cupcakes and I agree. I also think these sweet rosettes would be amazing on a three Read More


Cheesecake Bar


I sense a theme this week. Don’t you? After kicking off Monday with Cupcake Bars and following yesterday with a wedding that offered a wide range of desserts…why not stick with the theme and show off a Cheesecake Bar today?

This bride chose to forgo the traditional wedding cake and just offer a variety of cheesecakes. Why not? This bride offered a variety of thirteen different cheesecakes and a variety of fruit toppings. Yum. Perhaps Read More

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