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bird wedding cakes


Raven Wedding Cake

Raven Wedding Cake

It’s that time of year again!  No, not back to school or summer ending or fall beginning.  It’s the time of year when I start looking for crazy and fabulous seasonal wedding cakes!  And since I’m already finding TONS, I had to go ahead and give you a preview of the stash with today’s post – the Raven Wedding Cake.

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Jimmy Buffet-Inspired Wedding Cake

Jimmy Buffet Wedding Cake

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Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for February 26, 2012

Roses wedding cake

Greetings, friends and fans of the lovely!

Something truly tragic happened this week. Yes. The silk string on my pearls frayed and now I am pearl-less until I get them fixed.

No, I’m serious.

So, in determining what to do about this predicament, I mean, what DOES a girl do?  Have a strand for everyday of the week so that they don’t wear out?  Where costume pearls or freshwater jobbies for everyday-around-the-house wear?  Because I am totally serious when I say I wear them Read More


Hand-Painted Love Birds Cake

bird wedding cake

It’s one thing to see a cake which features details that prove that the cake artist is well-versed in the culinary arts.  But it’s quite another when the baker also proves that she is an artist in the true sense of the word.  Today’s featured cake shows just such a gift.  We actually linked to this beautiful hand-painted cake by Dream Day Cakes of Gainesville, Florida, in our Let Them Eat Cake Round-Up last May, but it’s so special, we thought it deserved its own post.

Notice the details:  both the tree on the bottom tier, as well as the branch that the bird cake toppers are “perched” on, were handpiped meticulously by baker and cake artist Yeni Monroy.  Fred Read More


Winter Birds Wedding Cake


Did you gasp when you saw this cake? I did! If you didn’t go ahead and take a minute and look at it again. Okay, now you’re gasping.

Simply gorgeous. This cake was made by Brooklyn Cake in..well..Brooklyn of course!  The website says this as well and I totally agree but you don’t have to just do red and green or silver and white to have a cake full of holiday cheer!  We are moving beyond Santa and Snowflakes this year people.  Of course if you’ve Read More


Green, Pink and Bunting Flag Cake


I’ve been pretty down and out on pink and green as of late.  In fact I think I had pretty much shunned the idea of the pink and green color combo in all aspects of my life.  Seeing the colors together made me want to scream out words like, “dunzo”, “passe”, “that’s so 2009″.

Ahem, now go ahead.  Ask me what my wedding colors were.  Pink and green.  Oh yeah. 

I have a secret.  Today I have fallen back Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Birds Nest Topper

cake topper

Oh yes..another bird related cake topper.

This one though..is a birds nest. A real live on. Well..I guess technically birds nest aren’t “living” so to speak, but it’s a real one. Made by birds. The bride got this one from her work and filled in with Spanish Moss and decorated the nest with cream speckled eggs..which I don’t think are real..and colorful butterflies. Those are fake.

We’ve actually featured this cake before in this post however, I figured it was so unique and special it deserved a post all its own.

What homemade cake toppers have you seen? What kind of topper do you like better: handmade like the bicycle riders I featured a few weeks ago, store bought like this Lenox figurine we featured last week or homemade by the bride like is featured here?

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White Chocolate Monogrammed Wedding Cake


Here we go with those birds again.
Good thing I love them…right?
There is so much to talk about with this cake I am having trouble deciding where to begin…so let’s just start with the facts. This is a four tier cake. The tiers have an alternating diamond pattern while the other layers are smooth and clean fondant. The top tier has an intricate swirl design and is topped with a gorgeous Read More


Handmade Bird Cake Toppers

handmade birdie

Happy May!

Birds are in right now.  Much to my dismay.  Those little buggers terrify the crap out of me.  The real ones, anyway…not the pretty ones that live on my gorgeous duvet cover.

I stumbled upon these handmade bird cake toppers and Read More