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Modern Wedding Cakes


The term “modern wedding cake” may mean different things to different people. Here at A Wedding Cake Blog, we take the term to mean anything with a contemporary feel; a cake that eschews the traditional white on white, piped and buttercreamed and trimmed with swags or roses. Modern may refer to a bold use of color, or a contemporary decor or shape. It may also refer to choosing something other than the grand, traditional tiered cake – a cake of macarons, for instance, or an assortment of individual cakes. Modern means that you are updating the tradition: perhaps you aren’t entirely throwing it out. You’re just giving it a breath of fresh air.


Sage, Chocolate Brown, and Cream Color Cupcake Heaven

sage and brown

I think I have expressed once, or twice…or perhaps even three times my love for cupcakes.  Apparently, this cupcake combo comes with a back story.  The cupcake stand was lost en route to the wedding venue so the baker improvised and turned wine glasses upside down and placed a plate on top of them.  To tell you the truth..I kind of think it’s classy.

The best part..please listen to the flavors of these bad boys: Read More


Brown and Blue Wedding Cake

blue and brown

I remember the first time I saw the brown and blue color combination thrown together on the same palette. It was 2005…a Wednesday. It was raining. I worked in a small retail store, and Vera Bradley had just put out her new patterns for fall.  Right then and there I fell in love with the illustrious Java Blue. (Which by the way, went on to be one of Vera Bradley’s all time best sellers. Apparently I wasn’t the only sorority girl who fell in love with the combo.)

The pattern has long since been retired but the colors have been paired together on everything imaginable,   Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 20, 2011


Hello, Fellow Wedding Cake Lovers!  This week, we have sprung forward, the moon appears a full 14% bigger than normal, and we’re about to step into spring officially.  You could say that we’re a little excited about what’s going on around us.  And with pre-Spring Fever in the air (and maybe a touch of the Irish cheer leftover from earlier in the week) Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 13, 2011


We’re dancing an Irish jig, ready to make some soda bread, and we’re looking around to find the brightest and best in weddingdom to bring to you everyday!  Here’s hoping that your week brings you lots of four leaf clovers and a pot o’ gold or two.  Speaking of gold, Read More


Vow Cake


I remember a few years ago the craze was to write words all over your wedding cake that meant a lot to your relationship. My friend Amanda had one of these cakes and I spent most of the wedding looking at the cake to see if I would get any of the inside jokes…and I Read More


I’ll Have a Little Bling, Please

Rhinestone trimmed cake

Nine days out of ten, you’ll find me reaching for my pearls.  And on day ten, you ask?  Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all.

Isn’t this divine?  A cake…that sparkles.  Well, of course!

The combination of bling Read More


All wrapped up in bows..

Wrapped Up in bows

I love presents. I think most women do, yes?

What do I love more than presents? Edible presents! Maybe that was not then intended inspiration for this cake..but I think it suits it perfectly! This is a traditional three tiered round cake. The layers alternate between gorgeous fondant stripes and polka dots. On top is a gorgeous bow that would make Martha and all her pretty bow making glory envious. Seriously..I am the girl who has to buy pre-made bows at Christmas..because a). Who has time to make their own bows? and b). Even if I tried they’d never look that good. So the fact that this bow is made out of fondant..well that knocks my socks right off my feet! Polka dots are always such a tricky decoration to master as well. The spacing between this dots is perfect..this calls for a baker to have a very steady hand!

This cake was made by Dianna Tornow of Your Kind of Cakes in Aiken, SC. I have actually been to a wedding with a Dianna Tornow cake before..they taste just as good as they look!

Photo provided by Matt Brodie from Brodiefoto.


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for February 27, 2011

Chic Swirl Cake

Can you feel it?  That crackle of excitement in the air.  Any minute, that first crocus is going to burst forth through the snow.  Any day now, that first jonquil will peep its sunny little head skyward.

Maybe it’s the anticipation of a Royal Wedding.  Maybe it’s a touch of premature spring fever.  Read More


The ‘Oh! But February Is Not Over Yet!’ Cake

Red Hearts Cake

Celebrate your love – with gummies!  Yes!

How did I miss this cake on Valentine’s Day?  Well, we’ll excuse me, and claim poetic license – or what have you – and say that we can still celebrate Valentine’s Day, because it’s still February.

Look at this cake!  Will you just look at it?  Resplendent with Read More


On the Wings of Love — A Tattoo Wedding Cake


Do you remember the not-so-long ago season of The Bachelor featuring Jake Pavelka? You know..that awfully good old boy from Texas who swooned us all with his “yes ma’ams”, dashing good looks and a killer smile? I remember this because I spent the entire season SCREAMING at the television because homeboy made all the wrong choices when it came to women and the ended up picking, like, the WORST woman in the house.

Then come to find out less than a year later it’s actually Read More

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