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strawberry wedding cakes


Strawberry Wedding Cake


As I continue to dream about warmer weather, today I’m sharing a strawberry wedding cake with you.

Of course we all know that strawberries are a summer fruit – if you’re from the northern half of the country, at least – but it’s never too early to start thinking about your summer wedding.

I love the whimsy and simple charm of this cake. It makes me happy just looking at it. Read More


Gerbera Daisy Wedding Cake

gerbera daisy wedding cake

I'm all about rushing the seasons.  But you knew this.

Since today is March 1, clearly it's time for a post all about spring-into-summer, yes?

And what says spring-into-summer better than fresh strawberries and big, boldly colored gerbera daisies?  Right. Nothing.

What a sweet little Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for September 2, 2012

Chocolate Cigarette Wedding Cake

Hey Y’all!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you’re taking a break from your labor, actually, and having a good time on this, the unofficial last weekend of summer.  And if you, like me, live in a place where school has been back for a few weeks, it probably feels like this milestone came awhile back.

But we can still get out and enjoy each other, yes?

We are off to Read More


Wavy Ruffles Wedding Cake

wavy ruffles wedding cake

I featured another cake by Bella Manse a few weeks ago because I thought we all needed a reminder of pretty spring colors.  However, this is the one that first endeared me to cake artist and owner Renee Schlotzhauer.

I love what she has done with these wispy, wavy ruffles.  I’ve never seen another cake exactly like it.  The sugared strawberries add a deft touch of color to the pallette that is just delicious.  The tall, slender profile is lovely, too.  This would be a cake that truly, I would hate to cut…I wouldn’t be happy to wreck the surpassing gorgeousness.

Like an ethereal wedding gown, or a delicate calla lily, this beautiful Read More


Gumpaste Flower Cake


This cake makes me think of the Roaring 20’s.  I am not sure why…but to me it just seems like it should be saying, “Hello friends, welcome to my boudoir.  Do you see me?  I’m covered in pearls and pink”.  Of course cakes don’t talk…but…if they could I bet that’s what this one would say.

This cake was made by Mary from the blog Apron of Grace.  We’ve featured her on here before with her Rose Cake a few months ago.  One of my favorite things about Mary is she tries to use all natural ingredients in her food as much as possible.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just need something processed.  I love this cake not only because it speaks to me in a 1920s accent…but it is the flowers that set me Read More


Summer in December: Basketweave Strawberry Cake

Basketweave strawberry cake

I’m in a contrary state of mind.

We are about to launch into the week before Christmas, and so, of course, Christen and I both have some delighful, sugar-plummy cakes planned for you.  So what better way to cleanse your brain palate than to offer you something completely off the wall today?

Yes.  It’s July in December.

I mean, we do the opposite all the time, right?  Christmas in July and all that?  Well, here’s a look at the summeriest thing I could find:  basketweave and strawberries, trimmed with ivy, with Read More


Strawberry Cake


Summer is gone and Fall is here.  Personally, I adore every single second of Fall.  I think it’s the only season of the year I don’t get sick of.  I am dying for summer and beach trips in April but by July I am sweating my baguettes off and ready for it to be over.  In November I am anticipating the crisp weather and Christmas ambiance, but by the time January rolls around I am ready for green grass and capri pants.  I’m fickle.  What can I say.

The one thing I do miss about Spring & Summer year round is the strawberries.  Oh yes.  I am a strawberry girl.  I could get them any day on anything.  By themselves? Done.  In a salad? Yum.  Covered in chocolate? Yes! Please!  Now!

On a cake? Yes.  Mixed with buttercream?  Oh my.  I can’t help myself.  Which is why this strawberry iced cake caught my eye.  It apparently caught the eye of some teeny tiny wedding guest who couldn’t resist putting their fingers in that icing.  I’m with ya’ kid.  I wouldn’t be able to control myself either.

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Stacked White Cake with Fruit


I LOVE this cake. I know that I say that a lot but I mean it this time. All the other times I lie. Just kidding.

This cake is adorable. It’s a three-tiered square cake, and the layers are stacked with fruit. Yummy fruit. Drenched in chocolate and powdered sugar. Fruit is always Read More