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For the Guys: Groom’s Cake in Perspective

Wedding Cakes

I liked something about this picture.  I think I liked the plainness of it.

We see so many different approaches ’round here to wedding and groom’s cakes.  Sometimes, it seems like groom’s cakes are Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for August 5, 2012


Greetings, one and all!  How does this lovely summer day find you?  Well, I hope!

It’s been SUCH an awesome week here, y’all.  If you’re a regular reader, then you know that I’m having a nice visit with my best friend, who flew in from half way across the country (and across what we normally call That Stupid Gulf) to spend a week.  A week of Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be.  Of sandcastles and ocean breezes.  Of the full moon over the lighthouse.  Of eating too much and laughing more.

Well, next week, it will be back to reality (after a quick trip to Key West to bid summertime, for all intents and purposes, adieu) but for now, we still have some playing to do!  So let’s share a few minutes together, looking over the week’s wedding Sweet and Pretty, and then it’s back to the grind of the beach! 😉

But what were we up to this week, first of all?  Glad you asked!

On Monday, we featured this darling Minnie Mouse-Inspired Birthday cake.  We think it would make an adorable wedding cake as well.

Tuesday brought these fantastic cube-shaped Deconstructed Wedding Cakes.  I love this look!

I featured this ethereal Yellow and Blush Rosepetal Cake on Wednesday.

Isn’t this Ice Blue Rustic Wedding Cake that we featured on Thursday fantastic?

On Cake Topper Friday, we fell in love with this Picture Perfect Couple.

For the Guys featured a mountain of chocolate, quite literally, with this Megeve Chocolate Groom’s Cake.

Are you a curvy girl?  Here’s a cute story featuring Five Marilyn Monroe-inspired wedding dresses.

Ha! Thank you, Miss Manners.  A gentle reminder that guests should not be asked to pay for your wedding.

Do we believe Jessica Biel when she says she’s done “almost nothing” for her wedding to Justin Timberlake? Hmmmm?

I adore this artsy backyard wedding, featured on Wedding Chicks, don’t you?  And the ruffled cake is so lovely, I feature it above.

Isn’t this Maggie Austin Cake, featured on Austin Wedding Blog, gorgeous?  I LOVE the green ruffles and blue flowers!

Here’s a really great post for brides considering baking their own wedding cakes.  From Vancity Bride.

Have a Delicious Week!  And wear your sunscreen!



For the Guys: Chocolate Faux Bois Groom’s Cake

chocolate wooden box cake

It’s time for another installment in “Brooke Fancies Up Your Groom’s Cake.”

French for “fake wood” (so really, the French sounds ever so much better and we should probably stick with it), the term faux bois refers to a decorating motif.  Here it’s made by pressing a wood graining tool into the shiny ganache glaze that coats the cake layers.  Since the tool is applied directly Read More


For the Guys: Geranium and Devil’s Food Groom’s Cake

devils food cake with geraniums

Ya know, when I started cleverly calling my groom’s cake posts – normally on Saturdays –  “For the Guys,” I was only half serious.  Sure, sometimes you have a groom that really wants a groom’s cake that represents, and that’s when you’ll find a Star Wars or X Box, or sports team-themed cake.  Sometimes, you’ll have a groom’s cake that just represents a shared interest of the bride and groom.  And sometimes, the groom gets no say, or actually likes elegance (it happens!) – and that’s when you end up with a cake like this.

Rustic Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for July 31, 2011


And so it continues.  The hot hotness of summer, I mean.

Vacation is over and school’s looming up before us here (we go back August 15 in these parts.  Ugh.)  It’s extremely hard to school supply shop when you’d rather be at the beach, yes?  Maybe someone needs to make some cute little plaid bikinis with matching cardigan cover ups.  And we can have apple tartlets in lieu of, well, you know.  So who’s gonna make the kiddoes go back to school if Mama doesn’t want to?

But I digress.

I have an AWESOME visit with my best friend coming up, and more wedding pretty Read More


Groom’s ‘Coffee’ Cake

Starbucks Coffee Cup Cake

Raise your hand out there if you can make any sense whatsoever in the morning without first ingesting coffee.

Well, aren’t you the lucky ones.

For the rest of us, who balk, nay, cry at the thought of not starting our morning with a cup of coffee, I give you the ultimate coffee tribute.  The Coffee Cake. 

The Starbucks Coffee Cake.

So, disclaimer:  Starbucks isn’t paying me a single cent to tell you that their coffee courses through my veins!  And so, when I saw this incredible cake Read More