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Red Velvet Wedding Cupcakes

Disney Cupcakes

Do you ever see a picture and suddenly all is right with the world? This just happened to me.

There is something you should know about me interwebs…it only takes one of three things to make me happy: Cupcakes, Disney World & anything pink. Combine them all together? Well..let’s just say after I found this picture my husband had to come and pick my jaw up off the floor and put it back together. In other words? Perfection!

Just look at this gorgeous presentation of Red Velvet Cupcakes at a recent Disney Wedding. The frosting looks almost Read More


Angry Birds Cake Toppers

Angry Birds

Over Christmas I became an iNerd. And my newest obsession? The Angry Birds. I have become one of those people who is constantly whipping out her iPhone to play this game. Ironically, real life birds are numero uno on the “List of Ridiculous Things Christen is Scared of”. Number two, you ask? Hot Dogs.

Anyway…you better believe with my new iNerdom I flipped out when I saw Edible Angry Bird Cake Toppers. Oh yeah, I went there. You can buy the Read More


Cell Phone Cake Topper

gift of gab cake topper

Let’s face it — everyone’s had that one dinner out where you’re both caught up in an important call and paying little to no attention to each other! Especially if you’re high-powered executives, socialites, or just friends with everyone, it’s tough to put down the phone these days 😉

This “gift of gab” cake topper is perfect for the communicative and connected couple!


Gummy Heart Wedding Cake

gummy heart wedding cake

So…I’m pretty sure those are gummy hearts…and if they’re not, they should be! I’ve never considered decorating with gummies, but how awesome is that?!

This is also the Read More


Corpse Bride Cake Toppers..

Corpse Bride

If there is one thing I love it’s a cake with a story. While I don’t know the bride and groom that this cake belonged to I feel that we are a kindred spirit. Why? Check out the subtle salute to Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride as the toppers. Wedding?…check! Johnny Depp (ok, just his voice..but still)…check!

At first glance this looks like a lovely round three tired cake sprinkled with black and blue flowers. I’m not a overly flower girl and I think these flowers are just a perfect combination of cool with the dark colors and not too overwhelming with the random scatterings around the cake. Add the cake toppers and it adds a little bit of whimsy fun!

Photo Source


Monogrammed Wedding Cake


Like every good Southern girl I believe in three things:

  1. Don’t wear white after Labor Day
  2. Don’t go anywhere without your pearls
  3. Monogram everything that you own

That must be why Read More


Hoot Hoot..

Hoot Hoot

The more weddings and baby showers I go to lately (and that’s a lot) the more I noticed Owls are hot year.  So appropriately I swooned over this adorable cake with an owl topper.

This yummy two tiered square cake gets a little pizazz by adding Read More




Aside from Harry Burnett Reese who invented chocolate and peanut butter candy this has to be my favorite merger of two things that you don’t think would go together until..suddenly they do..and all is right with the world.  Is it Read More


Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

We’re huge Disney fans here at A Wedding Cake Blog, so you’ll be seeing a bit of Disney from time to time! I thought we’d start with some of my favorite toppers…

A stunning topper featuring everyone’s favorite mice, the “Minnie’s Dream Wedding” Cake Topper by Lenox is a fun way to bring a little Disney to the wedding! Colors won’t be a problem in this one — straight white and gold will go with anything.

I love this Precious Moments Happily Ever After Figurine — while it appears at first glance to be simply a bride and groom figurine, the Mickey ear hats give away that whimsy of the Disney theme parks! So much fun for a couple who calls Disney their second home…

Perfect for any princess, the “Cinderella’s Wedding Day” Cake Topper brings a sense of true romance to any celebration. Featuring Disney’s quintessential princess, Cinderella, and her handsome Prince Charming — gazes locked together — it’s the ideal harbinger of a life to be lived “happily ever after.”

This has to be one of my favorite Disney cake toppers of all time. In the “Lady’s Dream Wedding” Figurine by Lenox, beloved Disney characters Lady and the Tramp sit shyly eyeing each other — and their wedding cake between them! Don’t forget to serve spaghetti at the reception! 😉

Love is in the air as Belle and the Beast discover their true feelings for one another in this “Wedding Dreams” Beauty and the Beast Cake Topper. The movement captured in this topper is what I think sets it apart — it looks like suspended animation, doesn’t it? Perfect for any Belle fan.


Pretty in Pink…and Chocolate

chocolate cake

Happy New Year!

There is just something I love about a cake lathered in chocolate ganache! These three cakes are layered inside with chocolate cake and strawberry whipped cream. The whipped cream is so smooth and creamy that it tastes like ice cream! They are covered with chocolate ganache and adorned with Read More

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