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Dreaming of Spring..


I have to admit that on days when it doesn’t get past 50 degrees in South Carolina and I haven’t seen then the sun in about five days..I get a little feisty.

I think I may of mentioned how I feel about January once before. Only instead of dreaming of Fall today I am dreaming of Spring..and this cake Read More


For everything there is a season..


Including cakes! I have to admit when I saw this cake from a distance I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on.

Then with closer inspection I realized that this is a basic three tiered square cake. Only this cake was a little different! On each side there is a tree and each tree represents a different season. It’s the weather cycle at its best folks. Now, this isn’t something that could just be slapped on a cake Read More




Did you know that there are some people out there who DON’T like cake?

I am not one of these people, however, I totally believe in the person’s right to choose. Here’s the conundrum..what if you’re getting married..and you just don’t like cake? Or you have certain health reasons that prohibit you from eating cake? Do you want to spend a good chunk of your wedding budget on something you can’t enjoy? Probably not. So then you’re left with either skipping it all together or coming up with some kind of compromise and that’s exactly what this couple did when they came up with Read More


Here is where I died..and went to cupcake heaven

Cupcake Tower

I know we haven’t known each other long, but I think you know by now Christen + cupcakes = love. Therefore it’s not uncommon that you’ll see blog post about my aforementioned love for cupcakes (and my love for words including the word “fore” apparently). I love them all..vanilla, chocolate, old school (vanilla cake & chocolate icing) and any other Read More


A little bit of class…

Square Cake

Oh my, oh my! I feel my income tax bracket rising just looking at this cake!

This four tiered square cake was made by Parkland Cakes in Columbia, South Carolina. The square design Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for January 16, 2011

mendhi_pattern a Cake to Remember

 Welcome to A Wedding Cake Blog’s first Sunday Round-Up ever!

Here, we plan to give you some interesting tidbits to snack on, as we review fun things that have happened in the world of wedding cakes this week.

If you know an awesome wedding blogger or bakery that you’d LOVE to see us feature on aWCB, please send us a comment!  We are ALL about making friends and learning what’s new Read More


A House Divided…and a Cake to Go with It

Cake Divided


So you meet that wonderful man…the man of your dreams.  You fall madly in love.  There’s just one problem:  He went to University of Texas – and you went to Texas A&M.

So, what’s a girl to do? Read More


Hydrangea Cake

Leaf cake

For some reason this cake just leaped off my computer screen and said “pick me! pick me!” Why? Because I love hydrangeas and the fact that this cake is half flower half cake just makes it all the better!  This cake is a two Read More


I’d rather sit home and play Scrabble.


When I was a little girl I had a best friend named Maya. She was one of those people you knew was intimidatingly intelligent just by looking at them..when she was nine. Even though she was the editor of the yearbook and the star of the school play our high school principal once had the wherewithal to tell her she wasn’t Read More


Fall Themed Cake


Let’s face it. The holidays are over. The tree has come down, the lights have stopped twinkling, the stores are a little less silver and sparkly and that neighbor who won’t take down his large inflatable Santa and Rudolf is starting to get on my nerves even though less than two weeks ago I stared out my window at the gorgeous decorations. What we are left with now is Winter. Dead, ugly winter.
What better way to cheer me up than a cake celebrating Read More

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