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Ruffled Mini-Cakes


It may just be me..but ruffles are becoming my new thing.  Move over pearls and monograms..I think I have a new favorite wedding cake trend.  Sweet, perfect buttercream ruffles.


These sweet treats were created by Rose at Sweetopolita.  Go have a look at her website and you will be hooked–everything is just Read More


Vintage Handstamped Wedding Cake Server


I adore when I find new Etsy shops.  I told the husband a few weeks ago that I have an Etsy and thrift store obsession.  He told me he preferred the latter because it’s much cheaper until I came home with a huge plate that said “Kansas” and had a bunch of different pictures of Kansas on it.  I have never been to Read More


Saving the Top Tier

Weddind Day: October 7th, 2006. That top tier didn't make it to see October 8th.

I have a secret to admit.  As much as I honor tradition in a wedding I did not save the top tier of my wedding cake.  If you had a camera in my honeymoon suite you would have seen my brand new husband and I chowing down on our top tier in full wedding gear about ten seconds after we finished jumping up and down on the bed.

Most brides can handle their sweet tooth and post-reception hunger pangs better than I can and they Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-up for July 17, 2011

Neon trimmed wedding cake

Ah, Weddings.  So many pretty things to see this week.  And we were especially bowled over by all of the incredible cakes that are being shared during this busy wedding season.  The creativity and talent of the bakers we rub shoulders with never ceases to amaze us.  So, if our round-up is a little cake heavy, please forgive me.  We are ALL Read More


Vintage and Cake’s Vintage Cupcakes

Vintage cupcake 3

We all have our favorites, yes?  And one of my very favorite bloggers and bakers is Julie Cliff from Vintage and Cake in Derby, England.  Julie runs a wonderful little business that I MUST visit the very next time I travel to England – she hires out vintage china for special occasions, runs cupcake workshops (hello!  yes?  cupcake workshops?), and makes luscious-looking cakes that I can practically smell from across the ocean.  Everything that I see on her blog is Read More


Harry Potter Cake


Happy Harry Potter Day!

I have been looking forward to and dreading this day since the release of the last book way back in 2007.  I, like the majority of the population, am a bonafide Harry Potter-o-holic.  I even follow Lord Voldemort on Twitter.

I didn’t start off a Harry fanatic.  About eight years ago I was 21 and I had just started dating my husband.  At the time his little sister was 11 and she was obsessed with Harry Potter.  She even dressed up like him for Halloween, twice.  Later that year I studied abroad in Mexico and my roommate was also obsessed with Harry Potter.  We would hit up the CinaMex (that’s really what they called them) every Read More


Cake Topper Thursday: Batman Wedding Cake Topper


Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, BATMAN…on a wedding cake. And I do not think the bride is Robin. Just sayin’.

Every once and awhile I come across a cake topper that literally makes me squeal with delight. That happened when I saw this Custom Batman Wedding Cake Topper made by Charlene of Creative ButterflyXOX. You can visit her Etsy store by clicking on her shop name. She has a few other non-Batman cake toppers, but let’s get real here, after seeing this one Read More


Pretty. Just a Pretty Cake.

pretty cake

I’m going to give you a second to take in all the awesomeness that this cake is serving…………

Ok, you done?

I found this cake on Pinterest about a month ago.  I think my friend Carla said it best when she commented on the link saying, “Wow, as much as I love cake I just think I would have to sit and look at it”.

She took the words right out of my Read More


‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Cake


I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. In college my sorority had a Halloween Mixer. Most of my sisters went as nurses or some sort of cute animal like a kitten or a tiger. I think Cady Heron (a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls… before she went all nutso) said it best, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total s— and no other girls can say anything about it.”
Me? I went as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I didn’t get the memo about the skimpy costumes.

When I found this cake on Pinterest I squealed Read More


Going Beyond the Cake


I know I have mentioned this before..but there are people out there who just don’t like cake.  If you aren’t really a cake person why bother spending a ton of money on a wedding cake or wedding cupcakes?  Your guests might enjoy them but it is your day so you should be able to have a dessert that you enjoy.  Because let’s face it:  there really aren’t any rules when it comes to weddings.  Also, some brides or grooms have gluten or flour allergies…so why have a cake?  I promise…the wedding police will not come out and place you under arrest if you choose not to have a cake at your reception.

I realize this all sounds pretty weird coming from a girl who spends most of her time writing about or eating wedding cakes.  Luckily, there are a lot of really great alternatives to the traditional cake or cupcake.

Something that kind of blows my mind and that I would be thrilled to find at any wedding is the Cheesecake Wedding Cake.  A wedding cake made entirely of cheesecake.  I’ve mentioned before that my inner-Golden Girl would SO have a field day with this option.  However, I felt like it was sort of a long shot.  I know cheesecake is a little pricey and I could not even begin to imagine how much a Cheesecake Wedding Cake must cost.  I was pretty pleased to find out that a.) they do exist and b.) you will Read More

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