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For the Guys: Groom’s Cake in Perspective

Wedding Cakes

I liked something about this picture.  I think I liked the plainness of it.

We see so many different approaches ’round here to wedding and groom’s cakes.  Sometimes, it seems like groom’s cakes are Read More


Caketopper Friday: Sweet Bride and Groom Under an Arch


I saw this and I just had to share it with you.  It's precious and sophisticated.  I don't know how it's both, but it is.

The bride and groom with their sweet little painted hairstyles, holding hands, personify serenity, and really, don't you need a little serenity on your big day?  It's clear that the couple's wedding colors have been worked into the little outfits, as well as the bluebirds who are holding the banner.  And with a scroll that says “happily ever after” above their little heads…of course they are!

To view more of this whimsical (and custom!) works of art, please visit Lollipop Workshop's website.



Seashell Cascade Wedding Cake with Sandcastle Caketopper

cascading seashell wedding cake

Whew! That was a mouth full.  But how else was I gonna say it?

I have been lamenting myself right into a fall funk.  Ya see, if I don't get myself outta the Sunshine State and to parts Northern (but still south of the Mason-Dixon line) this time of year, I get a little wistful.  Um K…a LOT wistful.

So what's a girl to do to shake off the autumn blues?  Yep…you guessed.  Head to the beach.  That's what I did this weekend, and that's what I'm doing for you today!

I adore Read More


Gilded Initial Wedding Cake

gilded wedding cake

I love fall just as much as the rest of you.  But when you Google “fall wedding cake” you can only configure bronzed autumn leaves and scatter them across a cake in so many different ways before they all. start. looking. the. same.  This cake, therefore, was a breath of fresh air.

The gold trim still says fall.  The simple white background ensures that you'll focus on the gold, which is what you should be doing.  And the very simple gold trim needs know embellishment beyond its pretty, shiny color.  But isn't that “B” on top darling?  Rhinestone initials were done to death in 2011, so this is just a lovely take on the whole monogram thing, but in a graceful and fresh way.

We found this cake on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, the link back to Martha Stewart's website is broken.  Too bad.  We would love to know the artist responsible for the pretty.



Cookie-Trimmed Chocolate Wedding Cake

chocolate cookie wedding cake

If you'd like to have your cake and eat your cookies too, then I think this is the perfect wedding cake for you.

Who needs mountains of sugar flowers and miles of ribbon and piped royal icing?  I can't think of a garnish more perfect for dessert than another dessert.

Here, chocolate buttercream, dipped and swirled in old fashioned, homemade abandon, covers a simple three tall-tiered wedding cake.  But not only is the chocolate buttercream yummy; it serves as delicious glue for chocolate cookies, which are white-iced and rainbow-sprinkled.  The whole effect makes me want to grab a huge tumbler of milk and dig right in.  What a completely fun cake!

Once again, we have The Cake Girls in Chicago to thank for this little spot of genius.



Peacock Inspired Wedding Cake

Peacock inspired wedding cake

Jenniffer at Cup a Dee Cakes has done it again.  Bloomed out all genius on us.

I know that peacock motifs are hot hot hot right now.  Jenniffer wonders if it has anything to do with Katy Perry.  I wonder if it has to do with the resurgence of Edwardian love we've got goin' on right now. (Vintage once again means something other than 1982.  And I for one am thankful.)

But Read More


For the Guys: Lego Groom’s Cake Mini Cakes

lego groom's cake

Did your guy play with Legos as a kid? Does he still?

WELL…we think that's pretty adorable.  And if you'd like to Read More


Cake Topper Friday: White Chocolate Bride and Groom Cake Topper

white traditional cake topper

Love. This.

Maybe I'm speaking as a married woman of 11 years who doesn't need another single knick knack.  But girls, pay heed:  that cutesy cake topper will be gathering dust in a matter of years in the back of your china cabinet (or worse…in a box in the attic.)

My advice?  Go edible.

I think this is darling because it's both classic and practical.  Rather than have some chichi porcelain figures, why not Read More


Red Stripe Wedding Cake with Bride and Groom Names

red stripe wedding cake

Remember when I wanted preppy yesterday? Well, I wanted it today, too, but I thought it would be fun to go in search of horizontal lines instead of vertical ones.

I adore the simplicity of the this cake.  And it's really no shock that it's simple, since it's featured on Real Simple Magazine's website!  Plain white fondant on tall tiers, trimmed with a border of thin red and white striped ribbon.  The cake's only Read More


Square Vertical Striped Blue Wedding Cake

blue striped cake

I went in search of preppy today. And preppy I found.

You may not believe this, but I'm not so much a froufrou girl.  My favorite colors?  Khaki and navy blue.  In fact, I'll give you a $100 if you can spy me one day out of my life without khaki on my person somewhere.

I really love tailored and unfussy stuff.  And today, I wanted to declutter a bit, cakewise.

I love this approach to cakery, don't you?  Sure, we've seen Read More

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