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Cream Colored Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

white rustic wedding cake

I was in the mood for simple today. Maybe it's because life seems so fast and so complicated. So I went in search of simplicity, and this is what I found. If life can't be simple today, my choice of cake sure can be!

Remember all those times that you helped to frost those cakes, and Mom or Grandma took extra care to make the frosting all loopy and swoopy before calling it a done deal for the Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for October 7, 2012

Fall Cake Detail-001

As I sit here on a rainy fall afternoon, cup of tea in hand, I confess: I'd much rather be napping than rounding up anything.  So I think today will be a short one.  Let's take a look at some sweet and pretty, and maybe a little bit o' news.

Fun or annoying?  Apparently, Read More


For the Guys: Meatloaf Groom’s Cake

Meatloaf Groom's Cake

This, Gentle Readers, is not a cake that looks like a meat loaf.  This is, in fact, a cake made of meat loaf.

As the story goes, groom Todd was asked what flavor cake he wanted for “his” cake.  His sarcastic answer?  “MEAT!”

Well, someone took Todd very seriously, and this delightful (and reportedly delicious) meatloaf cake was born.

So, I wasn't at said wedding.  But I can make a fair guess here about the components. Read More


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If you are looking for the CUTEST possible gifts for your bridesmaids (or anyone, for reals!) stop what you're doing toute suite and head to The Knot Shop online.  No.  Seriously.  Put down the pumpkin spice latte and run!

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Double Tall Covered Bridesmaid’s Luncheon Cake

double tall wedding shower cake

I espied this on Wedding Wire today and just had to share it with you.

I just love a little cake.  Now, this one is billed as a cake for a shower or a bridesmaids' luncheon, but having gone through the big wedding hoopla, I love the idea of a wedding intimate enough that this darling little cake would be enough for all your guests.

There's so much to Read More


Autumn Wedding Cake with Gold Leaves

Fall Gold Leaf Cake

I spied this wedding cake and just had to share it with you.

We love fall weddings, don’t we?  That hint of chill in the area with the glorious warmth of leaves changing, setting hills and fields ablaze with their beautiful colors.  But when you distill and dress up the essence of all of those colors, you come away with gold.  If silver is for winter, then gold is surely for fall.

To an otherwise plain, fondant-covered cake with black ribbon trim, cake artist Mina from My Read More


Three Tiered Wedding Cupcake

tiered cupcake

I have a friend who ADORES cupcakes.  No.  You don’t even understand.  Like, she’s making a living (in part) reporting on cupcakes in a certain corner of the world…and people love her!  (Well.  She is pretty lovable.)

Anyhoo…said friend…let’s call her Bea…eloped, and didn’t have a wedding cake.  She and hubby love exactly how they did things, and couldn’t have been happier with the arrangement.  Still, I have a feeling that when she gets a load of this three-tiered cupcake, there’s gonna be some retro wedding cake reenactment celebration stuff going on.

Because, seriously.  It’s three tiers. On a cupcake.  Omistars, y’all!

Okeey…so logistically, this would be a nightmare.  Buttercream overload, and I, for one, am such a klutz that I would no doubt topple it over on the new dress I just bought to wear to this function. But in my fantasy life, this is just…wedding cupcake perfection.  ‘Cause everybody gets their own TIERS.  And nobody has to share.

Once again, we have the brilliant staff at Martha Stewart to thank for this inspiration.  Are you inspired, indeed, to do this?  ‘Cause if so, I TOTALLY wanna see the pics. (And click on the link in the Source for the recipe and the DIY directions.)



Cake for Your Wedding: What Inspires You?

Rustic Autumn Wedding Cake

Congratulations!  You’re engaged!  Now, get to it, because you’ve got about 8,972 details to attend to.

Now, the one that we’re most interested in happens to be your cake.  Because, well, we love cake.

But, there’s just one leetle problem.  There are just so. many. choices out there.

So, how are you to pick how it should look, or what it should taste like?

We think we can help with that.  You see, inspiration lies EVERYWHERE.  Think about what you love.  And build a cake around it.

Your favorite shared hobby. So you’re marrying this guy, right?  Well, we’re going to assume that you have some common interests since you’re planning to spend your lives together.  Would they lend themselves to a cake?  We’ve seen cakes with cyclists and Harry Potter, with books and scrabble boards.  If you’d like to say, “Hi, World.  This is who we are, and this is some of the cool stuff we like to do together!” – well, why don’t you let your cake say it instead?

Your dress.  His shoes. We lurve this idea.  You spend a fortune on your dress because you love the details, right?  Well, how fun would it be to have the very same lace or trim, or design element on your cake?  Or did he just buy the COOLEST CONVERSE EVER to wear for the wedding?  If you take a picture or a fabric swatch when you meet with your baker to discuss details, you should have no trouble replicating some cool aspect of your dream-come-true wedding dress.

The seasons and surroundings. Getting married when there’s sumptuous fall foliage surrounding you?  Perfect!  The crisp scents and sights of fall can lend excellent inspiration for your special cake – picture a towering confection, enrobed in a glossy ganache finish, and trimmed with beautiful sugar paste leaves tinted to match the colors outdoors.  Or maybe your special day will take place on a beach.  Few and far between are the designs and curlycues that can compete with the natural beauty of seashells and starfish.

So my advice?  Don’t flip through thousands of pictures on Google or Martha Stewart.  Because you will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all that is gorgeous and out there.  Start at the beginning.  Start with yourselves, and work out from there.  In my opinion, that’s the very best way to make the wedding – and the wedding cake – reflect who you are as a couple.

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