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double height tiered wedding cakes


White Hydrangea Wedding Cake with Double Height Tier

White Hydrangea Wedding Cake

Hello, Dears!

Today, I’m starting to turn away from the sparse winterishness of January, and toward the ardent blush of Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner.

Do you celebrate?  We don’t do much with it around these parts, but I love the sentiment of being sweet to everyone on V Day. It can be about romance, or you can expand the scope and make it a day to show love to all or those close to you.  Remember those fun Read More


Double Tall Covered Bridesmaid’s Luncheon Cake

double tall wedding shower cake

I espied this on Wedding Wire today and just had to share it with you.

I just love a little cake.  Now, this one is billed as a cake for a shower or a bridesmaids' luncheon, but having gone through the big wedding hoopla, I love the idea of a wedding intimate enough that this darling little cake would be enough for all your guests.

There's so much to Read More


Starfish Wedding Cake

Starfish Wedding Cake

It’s beachy, and it’s sea glass blue and green.  That makes it perfect.

Now, while I wouldn’t put actual starfish on a wedding cake, these gumpaste buddies are just the thing.  The cool colors – all greens and blues and hues in between – are some of my favorite, evoking water and calm…two things that speak to me in soft, soothing tones. The wonky ginormous bottom layer – is triple height the new Read More


Sky Blue Wedding Cake with Clouds and Roses

blue wedding cake with white roses

I love when I see a cake that I never, ever would have thought of, but when I see it, it’s like….YESSSSS.

Isn’t this just darling?  Barely different sized layers on the bottom – is there a difference in size? – and the slight diameter difference continues up the cake.  The on-purposeness of it is just enchanting.  It’s like the baker said, Read More


Yellow and Grey Chevron Wedding Cake

Yellow and Grey Chevron Wedding Cake

Yellow and grey are so hot right now.  We are seeing them simply everywhere!  And wedding cakes are no exception.

Isn’t this trio of cakes by Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery darling?  Where to start?  The color combo is enchanting; I especially love how Jasmine used both bold and pale shades of yellow.  The quilting on the large cake is divine.  And the pearls!  The varied heights of the cake rounds is awesome too, and keeps the whole cake from slipping into something too traditional.  Add to it the juxtaposition of the flouncy peonies with the stylized simpler flowers, and it’s just all perfection!

Jasmine created this cake trio for a bridal show earlier this year, in conjunction with Weddings by JDK and Persnickety Invitation Studio.  The sweets table that came out of this dream team collaboration is simply breathtaking!  Gorg!

If you love these cakes, be sure to look at others that we’ve featured by Couture Cakery, like this Orange Spring Tiger Lily Wedding Cake, and this Indian Inspired Cake.


Blue Rustic-Iced Ombre Wedding Cake

Blue Rustic Iced Ombre Cake

How do we feel about a rustic approach to icing, y’all?

Personally, I like it.  Don’t get me wrong.  A perfectly coiffed cake is sigh-inducing for sure.  Still, there’s something so charming about swishy swirls in icing – or should I say frosting? – don’t you think?  Like, I could totally Read More


For the Guys: Bow Tie Groom’s Cake

Bow Tie Groom's Cake

Here’s another page from the files of “The Guy Had Nothing to Do with Picking this Cake.”  But I love it, so you’re gonna see it ANYWAY.

In the interest of full disclosure, this cake was actually made by Cocoa and Fig of Minneapolis (LOVE THEM, and have featured them before with their FAB Rock Candy Wedding Cake) for a styled shoot.  Which, in wedding blog terms, means Read More


Blue Squares Geometric Design Wedding Cake


I leapt at the chance to feature this beautiful cake by Cakes By Beth in Manchester, UK.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

When Beth originally met with the bride and groom, they had very few specific ideas about how they wanted their cake to look.  They knew they wanted four tiers and something simple in design that incorporated navy blue ribbon, but that was the extent of their input.  Enter Beth and her brilliance!  She suggested this geometric design of overlapping squares, reminiscent (to me, anyway) of a Chippendale motif.  And though she was prepared for the couple not to love the idea…they did!  Two of the original four layers became Read More


Pink and Orange Buttercream Ruffle Peony Cake

Pink and Orange Peony Cake

Are you there yet?  Are you in that absent-minded, don’t-bother-me-with-real-life-details-like-laundry-and-oil-changes that spring incites?  I can think of nothing but glorious days, warm breezes, picnics, and playing outside.  I want to wear flowy dresses made from lots of linen, drink lemonade and crisp white wine, and gather floppy flowers.

And here is the perfect cake to epitomize that vibe.

Nine days out of ten, you’ll find me buttoned up and starched, tailored and just so, and I love cakes that reflect that personality, too.  Crisp edges, architectural and symmetrical features, like Read More


Square and Round White Wedding Cake

Square and round white wedding cake

Isn’t this pretty?

There is nothing that I like better than taking a little tradition, and twisting it on its head.  You still have the elegance that you started with, but you end up with something totally new and unique.

Here, we have a lovely white cake.  Sounds a little boring, yes?  But how could it be?  Our cake artists have played with shape, giving us both square and round.  They’ve changed up the Read More