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Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for November 19, 2012

Ivory and Flowers Cake

Hey Y'all!

We'll be heading out to Georgia in just a little bit to spend the holiday there.  Where will you be?  Why?  Are you happy about it?  Or just going 'cause you have to?

Well…where ever you find Read More


For the Guys: Bride and Groom Cakes

Bride and Groom Cake

A couple weeks ago, I featured a tuxedo groom’s cake, and got lots of great feedback on it.  Well, it was pretty cute.

Well, this one caught my eye, too.  Aren’t they darling?

I know, they’re a simple approach. But they’re straightfoward and to-the-point, and I guarantee their precious adorableness brought a smile to the faces of the guests at this wedding.

The wedding, or “bride” cake, is just beautiful and classic.  The lovely nosegay on top, the brooch and ribbon trim and trailing rose petals speak to my romantic heart.  The tuxedo groom’s cake is well-executed, and such a nice simple foil to the pretty wedding cake. And isn’t the boutonniere darling?

We spied these cakes on Pinterest, but they are the lovely work of Beancounter Bakery in Massachusetts.


Cake Topper Friday: Bird’s Nest

Birds Egg Wedding Cake

Today, I'm posting my final cake from the wedding that I've been showing you all week from Martha Stewart weddings.

The bride and groom featured a bevy of beautiful cakes, ranging from a three-tiered classic design trimmed with branches and love birds, to several single layer cakes celebrating widely divergent motifs. The theme that united the table was autumnal flavors and colors, with a rustic yet refined vibe.

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One of My Favorites, EVER: Rustic Fig Layer Cake

Rustic Fig Carrot Cake

Today, we continue to celebrate the beautiful, multi-cake reception that I discovered this week on Martha Stewart Weddings with what is probably my favorite cake of the week.

I mean, the Toile de Jouy was breathtaking, and the Silver Pumpkin Cake was just lovely. But this Rustic Carrot Cake with Glazed Figs is mouth-wateringly beautiful. And isn't that what it's all about?

I love a Read More


Silver and White Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Silver and White Pumpkin Cake

Remember the Toile the Jouy cake that I oohed and aaahed about yesterday? Well, as I flipped through the rest of the wedding, I realized that the dessert buffet for this particular real wedding, featured on Martha Stewart's website, was like nothing I had ever seen. The cake artist, Cheryl Kleinman of Cheryl Kleinman Cakes, created six single-tiered cakes with various themes to create the one-of-a-kind cake table for this precious couple. All of the pictures are so captivating that we are just gonna camp out here for the week, K?

Today, Read More


Toile de Jouy Wedding Cake

Toile Wedding Cake

I had to, Guys.

I heart toile in the biggest, most profound way.  My love affair with it started while, of all things, decorating my nursery.  I found a pattern with children playing, and it was the perfect combination of classic and whimsy.  So when I saw this, I knew that you'd be seeing it too, because I was totally going to share it with you.

The cake is an Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for November 11, 2012

Yellow and White Cupcakes

Greetings, Fellow Cake Lovers!

We're through a tumultuous Election Day and today, we celebrate our veterans.  A whole lotta flag waving going on this week, yes?

And I've been all over the map with my cake love this week.  In fact, there was one day that I said.  Yep, nope, I'm good.  No cake today.  Even I feel like going on a sweets strike occasionally.  But I usually snap out of it pretty quickly.

It's a Read More


For the Guys: Wreck It Ralph Cake

Wreck It Ralph Cake

So, I realize that we who are children of the 80s are now firmly in the middle age category, which is a little hard to believe.  At the same time, I’d like to think that we’re a little more relevant and hip than our predecessors were.   But I may be totally fooling myself.  Let me live in my fantasy?  Um K Thx.

However, I know that Read More


Spotlight: Cutest Newlywed Pillowcases EVER

So, I'm not feeling cake today.  Is that okay with you?

What I AM feeling…is a little sassy.  I figure with eleven years of marriage behind me (just marked that anniversary), I thought I'd have some fun today.

And, of course, I mean this as fun.  I don't necessarily think that I am always right (even if it DOES happen with alarming regularity.)

But Read More


Purple Rosette Wedding Cake

purple wedding cake

I just love this little cake!  It's a study in contrasts and uniformity all at once. The smooth bottom layer and the flamboyant top one – brought together by a monochromatic color scheme.  And while the bottom layer is a regular height, the top is exaggerated.  And don't you love the color of the icing?  Clearly, it's fruit-based, not food-coloring based…love LOVE!

I adore a tiny cake.  It Read More

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