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Vow Cake


I remember a few years ago the craze was to write words all over your wedding cake that meant a lot to your relationship. My friend Amanda had one of these cakes and I spent most of the wedding looking at the cake to see if I would get any of the inside jokes…and I Read More


Cupcake Tower & Gumpaste Cake Toppers


I think by now you all know that I can pretty much leave the over extravagance of some wedding cakes. I would much rather have a cake that taste good than a cake that is a fondant masterpiece. And please..give me a cupcake over..well pretty much ANYTHING any day of the week & I will be a happy happy girl!
Perhaps that is why I love this Wedding Cupcake Tower so much.
This cupcake creation is made by Montreal’s Clever Cupcakes and consist of five dozen lemon cupcakes topped with lemon buttercream and edible pearls..oh..pearls..This makes the southern Read More


Cinderella Cake

Cinderella Cake

It’s not secret. I love all things Disney. Sure this love has grown from countless trips to Disney World but it stems from one place.


I remember the first time I saw the Disney version of Cinderella. It was the Christmas I was eight years old and it had just come out on VHS. I opened up the package and I was in love with the dark blue packaging and the princess in the sparkly dress on the cover. From that day on no other princess ever did it for me like Cinderella did.
When I went to prom..I wanted to look like Cinderella (only my dress was metallic purple..Oh the 90’s!) and when I got married there was Read More


If I was Kate Middleton..

Kate's Cake

I reserve the right to file this post away under “In Christen’s Wildest Dreams”.

Blog Confession.  Sometimes I pretend I am the Wedding Planner for the Royal Wedding & I think about what I would suggest to Kate and Will.  Because that’s what I call them because we are close and best friends.  We are also going to go skiing in the Alps in the late winter.  You know after all the commotion of the wedding dies down.  The husband and Will get along smashingly and drink pints and talk about futball while Kate and I talk wedding.  I don’t even make them Read More


It’s a nice day for a Black & Pink Wedding..


My best friend got married exactly 364 days after I did. She caught the bouquet at my wedding so I sort of think I got that ball rolling on that one. You’re welcome.

She spent months sending me links to different J.Crew bridesmaid dresses she wanted me to buy & then calling me ten minutes later and telling me not to order it. After I cancelled one too many orders at JCrew.com she finally called me and said “Christen, I’ve done it. My cake is black. Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 6, 2011

Cake-a-licious Shabby Chic Cake

Spring, spring, SPRING!  Well, almost…according to the weather and the calendar.  We’re looking forward to longer days, pretty flowers, and lots and lots of sweet treats!  Here’s what we’ve found to share with you Read More


I’ll Have a Little Bling, Please

Rhinestone trimmed cake

Nine days out of ten, you’ll find me reaching for my pearls.  And on day ten, you ask?  Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all.

Isn’t this divine?  A cake…that sparkles.  Well, of course!

The combination of bling Read More


Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink

..and I am not talking about Molly Ringwald and her pal Duckie (you know..that guy from Two and a Half Men..oh Charlie Sheen..what have you done?  That’s another rant for another day)..

After a week of posts about Fruit Cakes, Cake Parties and Jello Wedding Cakes and I ending this week of non-tradition with just the opposite. A cake that screams wedding. Strike that..a gorgeous cake that screams wedding.
This four tiered round cake is a fondant creation with gorgeous piping and imprinting Read More


There a little jiggle…

Jello Cake

Keeping with the theme of non-traditional wedding cakes….
Further proof that a wedding cake..does not have to be limited to just cake. I introduce to you a “cake” that Bill Cosby himself would approve of. The Jello Wedding Cake.
Oh yes. Perhaps even slightly more eccentric Read More


Who needs just one cake?

Many Cakes

Not me..no ma’am.  I am a lover of ALL cake.  Chocolate, Vanilla…Red Velvet..Oh red……but I am getting off on a tangent.

Today I am not featuring one particular cake..but one idea that is very innovative and cute!  At this wedding the bride and groom requested that every guest bring a small cake.  This wedding had Read More

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