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BHLDN Store Opening


Every fashionista with a job has either been in or virtually shopped at an Anthropologie…right?  If you haven’t just go ahead and click that link..and see how your brain explodes.  But before you click…be warned:  Anthropologie is a sickness.  Once you discover it you will find yourself with a virtual shopping cart filled with ridiculous things like porcelain egg crates for twenty dollars that you are SO convinced that you need because it just looks SO gorgeous in the picture.  Then it gets to your house and it’s an egg crate..made of glass and you think “what the crap am I going to do with that?  I don’t even buy eggs”.  So there.  I’ve established my warning.  Shop at your own risk.

Did you know that Anthropologie Read More


Macaroon Cake


Last month when I talked to you about wedding cake alternatives I mentioned a Macaroon Tower.  I never..ever imagine anything as gorgeous as this.  Sure, sure the lighting combined with the sparklers and an obvious genius behind the lens made this macaroon tower seem extra magical..but I am totally considering a Macaroon Tower at my next event.  And I don’t Read More


Handmade Initial Cake Topper


So it’s not Friday but the story behind these cake toppers was just too cute to delay.

The father of the bride hand-made these for his little girl. Adorable.  The description didn’t offer any more insight into the toppers but they almost look like a thin piece of Read More


Choosing Your Wedding Cake Baker


We talked last week about a bunch of steps to take BEFORE you choose your baker. Now here are some tips on how to choose one. Check out Part One of this series right here.

When we last left one another you had made some appointments for a tasting. Cake tastings are one of life’s little joys of planning a wedding. Because they give you cake…to eat…and it’s usually free!

And with that let’s go ahead and

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Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for August 7, 2011


Whew!  Is anyone else dreaming of pumpkin and morning frosts? And jewel toned cakes to replace the summer glaring brightness?

Summer?  I am over you.  It’s not your fault, Darling.  After all, I live in Florida, and I can have a taste of you purt near anytime I want.  But the retailers!  They’re making me want crisp Read More


Black and White Cake

Black and White Cake

We’ve talked about black wedding cakes here on A Wedding Cake Blog before, and I have a confession to make:  I didn’t love the idea.  Just thinking about all.  that.  dye.  Well, it didn’t set well with me.

But here, in my humble girly girl opinion, is the perfect black and white cake for the bride who craves the drama that the stark contrast of this combo brings, but feels the same way I do about the over zealous application of food coloring.  Rather than getting the “black” part of the equation from Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper


I fell in love with the concept of using a silhouette on cake when I first laid eyes on this cake by Melody Brandon of My Sweet and Saucy. I just adore the use of silhouettes on wedding cakes now and every time I see a new one I get all kinds of excited.

Oh but wait…let’s double that excitement by turning it into a cake topper! I’m sorry…I have to say it. How freaking adorable is this topper? Obviously I am in love with the silhouette concept–but add the adorableness of the grooms popping the question and I’m hooked. Check out that big Read More


Ruffles, Ruffles, and More Ruffles!


I’m a bit ruffle obsessed. That’s for certain. Add a little bit of light pink in the shape of a ruffly flower and I am dead from sheer girly indulgence.

Okay, so I know ruffles are NOT for everyone. I learned this the hard way when in Second Grade I wore a Ruffly Pink Flower Girl Dress to school just about every other day for three months. My mother “sent it away to be dry-cleaned” for about six weeks…ahem. By the time it came back it was the dead of winter and even my love for ruffles could not conquer my cold knees. True story, I wore it for my 2nd grade class picture…I should find it and scan it on here so you’ll believe me.

This cake is all the girly goodness that my Pink Ruffle Dress once was. A three tiered stacked round cake covered in flawless white fondant and adorned with row after row of fondant ruffles. The time and the precision this bad boy must have taken are unimaginable

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Skull Wedding Cake

skull cake

Yup, that’s a wedding cake.  With skulls on it.  I think I have seen everything.

I actually filed this away for Halloween but after staring at it for a full fifteen minutes I knew I couldn’t wait.  I had to share it now.

This quiet a lovely three tiered stacked round cake covered in flawless white fondant.   Adorning the sides…well we’ve already discussed that those are small skulls.  The vertical stripes going up the sides of the cake are actually replica bones.  The bride was actually inspired by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.  I love how this bride took a theme she really wanted (skulls and bones) and presented them in such a classy way.  This could have Read More


M&M Wedding Cake


Insert.  Gasp.  Here.

This cake is layered with M&M’s.  You are probably wondering what kind of creative powerhouse came up with this bad boy?  Martha Stewart Weddings…that’s who.  I mean really…who else do you think would create this cake layered with chocolatey goodness covered in a hard candy shell?

This cake was featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and has been making my Pinterest feed go nuts over the last few days.  This is a four tiered round cake slathered in buttercream and layered with rows and rows of perfectly spaced M&M’s…seriously…how do they do that?  I adore the soft pastel colors of pink, orange, and yellow because they just scream summer fun.  As you know, M&M’s can come in just about any color you can imagine (you can even get them personalized) so you can coordinate them to match your wedding colors.  I can see this cake covered in the oh-so-trendy dark purple, white, and gray or black, yellow, and gray.  Oh my, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

And most importantly…they melt in your mouth…not in your hand!

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