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Sparkle White Wedding Cake

sparkle white wedding cake

You had me at pate de fruit.  No.  Seriously.

Because we love love LOVE! the sweet and pretty around here, we spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at pretty cakes.  Sometimes we tire of our usual haunts and look for fresh perspective.

That’s how I found this cake and accompanying sweets table, which maybe made me jump up and down, clapping, like a little school girl.  Just a little.

I love this simple dessert table.  No, Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Still Shopping Topper


Oh my.  Brooke actually found this little beauty and shot it to me in an e-mail last week.

It’s like she knew we were meant to be together.

I kind of have this problem…like a lot of women…I just love to shop.  If I am having a crappy day I head to a store.  Very rarely is it ever Read More


Beach Wedding Cake


Isn’t this always how it goes.

In August I was tired of sweat behind my knees 14 hours a day and ready for the cool breeze of fall.  By the time November rolled around I was ready for Thanksgiving to be finished so that I could kick off the Christmas season.  Now that it’s January and the days. seem. to. take. forever.  I can’t wait until it’s beach season.

Yes, I did skip right over spring because that’s what South Carolina does.  50 degrees and gloomy one day…75 and gorgeous the next.

Here it is in January.  MLK Holiday has passed and minus a teacher work day or two I am in that awful Jan/Feb/March OH MY Read More


Light Blue Wedding Cake

Blue hydrangea wedding cake

Sometimes all you need is a simple and classic wedding cake.  There is something about light blue and white that brings me inner peace.  That might be why every room in my house has a blue color scheme.

This cake makes me happy.  It’s a square cake with three tiers.  It’s covered in white fondant and adorned with a light blue ribbon around the middle.  The bottom and top tiers have beautiful white scroll work and the topper is a neat cluster Read More


Silver Cakes

Silver and Roses Wedding Cake

Last week I highlighted my favorite trend for 2012: gold cakes.  This week I’ve decided to go to the opposite end of the metallic colored spectrum…silver.  While gold is making a resurgence, it’s trusty friend silver is still holding strong.  It’s like chocolate and white chocolate.  White chocolate might be awesome when you first discover it slathered over pretzels or strawberries.  Then months go by and the white chocolate gets a little old and you need to go back to your old standby…chocolate.  Or in this case…silver.  That analogy was pretty bad.  So I scoured Read More


Gumpaste Flower Cake


This cake makes me think of the Roaring 20’s.  I am not sure why…but to me it just seems like it should be saying, “Hello friends, welcome to my boudoir.  Do you see me?  I’m covered in pearls and pink”.  Of course cakes don’t talk…but…if they could I bet that’s what this one would say.

This cake was made by Mary from the blog Apron of Grace.  We’ve featured her on here before with her Rose Cake a few months ago.  One of my favorite things about Mary is she tries to use all natural ingredients in her food as much as possible.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just need something processed.  I love this cake not only because it speaks to me in a 1920s accent…but it is the flowers that set me Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for January 15, 2011


Hola, Friends!

What finds you this January day?  I’m in a cold, albeit sunny, locale, wondering if I’m ever going to get around to making New Year’s Resolutions, while the rest of the world is busy breaking them.  What about you?  How are yours going?

Well, if fitness is any part of your 2012 goals, hopefully I can inspire you to a little bit of moderation in that eating plan, for we are SURE to find some deliciousness as we look around for what’s happening this week.  But let’s look at a little News first:

Last week, Read More


Pink and Black Ribbon Wedding Cake

Pink and Black Wedding Cake

So. Clearly. This is a display cake.  I thought I’d go ahead and just out that gorilla in the room right up front.

But seriously…even surrounded by perfume bottles, and with a backdrop that is obviously retail in nature…how in the world could I refuse?  Can’t you just SEE Grace Kelly striding up for a slice in a twin set, pencil skirt, and pearls?

Okay, it’s just me.

If you know anything about this girl, you know that I am madly in love with anything classic, and just about all things preppy.  This cakes is all Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Perfect Pair Cake Topper


I love pears.  When it’s “pear day” at school I always grab two.  However, this has very little to do with my love of fruit.  Other than the fact that these cake toppers are in fact…you know…pears.

These cutie cake toppers and nonbreakable hand-stamped pears that are about 4 inches tall.  The great thing about these toppers are that they are lightweight, so they Read More


Gold Wedding Cakes


It’s 2012 and it’s time to start saying “that was sooo 2011″ about everything that we had to have eleven days ago but now is soo not cool.
What was hot in 2011 and (I think) is going to make a strong presence again in 2012 is gold. Gold, gold, gold. I love it. So I decided that for a little hump day treat I would feature some of my favorite gold cakes that have been clogging up my Pinterest file.

Until recently gold got a bad rap. I blame the 80’s and gold lame’ dresses (I had one..and matching black shoes with a gold lame’ bow)  They were Sam & Libby.  Don’t hate. Now Read More

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