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‘How Do I Love Thee?’ Pink Wedding Cake

Sonnet 43 Elizabeth Barrett Browning Cake

This is the part of the blog where I confess that I am a total English Lit geek.  Like, so much, that I studied it for four years, and contemplated grad school and teaching.  However, other opportunities presented themselves (like making, and then writing about, wedding cakes) that were far more family friendly…and here I am.

Where was I?

Oh yes.  My deep and abiding love for the British written word.  Well, any written word, actually.  As long as Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 18, 2012

Aqua ribbon wedding cake

Oh, but we have hit Spring Fever with a vengeance in my household.

We want to go to the beach!  And the pool!  Because in Florida, Spring Fever looks a lot like, you know, summer. But there have been stock car races and Bike Weeks and crazy parties for Irish folk to get through…before the Spring Breakers descend.  And we are eager to join them.  Like, next week.

So, we are introducing a slightly different format for our Let Them Eat Cake blog round-up, starting this week.  We’ll be sharing with you what we’ve been up to all week (in case you missed it…it’s one stop Read More


All White Roses Wedding Cake

white roses wedding cake

I know.  Not the most cutting edge cake I’ve ever featured.  But really.  Look at it.  It’s beautiful.

There is something so wonderful about simplicity.  A single color.  A motif repeated over and over.  Color carried through various design elements.

I guarantee you that many people overlooked just how pretty this cake was.  “Seen one white cake, seen ’em all.”  But the artist really paid attention here.  See how the size of the sugarpaste roses gets slightly larger with each layer?  And notice that Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Tiara Wedding Cake Topper

tiara cake topper

Now, seriously…why didn’t we think of this?  Brill!

So…we all need to be honest here, right this minute.  And that is to say that if we had our way, we’d ALL get the chance to wear little tiaras and crownlettes (is that a word?  I don’t think so) like this.  I personally would wear mine while grocery shopping and vacuuming.  Heck, I already wear my pearls for those activities, so why not?

This is a great cake anyway, all white on white, round on square, with a perfect swag of fondant doing a great fabric impression.  The piping is exquisite, the decorations are just enough Read More


Naked Cake Part Two: Bananas Foster Wedding Cake

Naked bananas foster wedding cake

A couple of weeks ago, I featured this naked wedding cake, and got (mostly) rave reviews!  Y’all loved its rustic warmth and general yummy lookingness.  Well, I couldn’t help but share this one with you, too.  Because it’s kind of a mess, but I lurve it.

This bananas foster naked cake is obviously inspired by the flambe dessert that has been made famous in New Orleans.  I love the perfectly controlled chaos here – layer upon layer of cake and bananas and yummy filling, heaped, but neatly heaped.  All displayed on a lovely, vintage  milkglass pedestal stand.

How darling would this cake be for a Read More


Green Leaves Wedding Cake

Green leaves wedding cake

Disclaimer:  I am not Irish.  However, it’s that time of year when green is everywhere, and it should be here, too.

So, if you aren’t Irish either, then we’ll take this opportunity to spring forward, and dream of the green things that are about to burst forth :-)

This cake, which was featured on TheKnot.com, is lovely, isn’t it?  A simple, flawless white background, with sugarpaste leaves and Read More


Chocolate Truffle Wedding Cake

Chocolate Truffle Wedding Cake

Care for some chocolate?  Because I am having a totally chocolate attack.  And now, so are you.

Martha strikes again, y’all.  Don’t you simply love this?  Inspired by the French croquembouche, which is a tower of cream puffs covered with spun sugar, Martha Stewart and Co. came up with this chocolate truffle wedding cake.  This is seven layers of cake, coated with chocolate ganache.  The hand rolled truffles are then coated in different cocoa powders for slight variation in color, cut in half, then Read More


Crystal and Pink White Snowflake Cake

Crystal and Pink Snowflake Cake

I know that my friends and family in other parts of the country are rrrreeeealllyy super hoping that winter spread its last hurrah recently, when the Facebook posts about falling snow were coming thick and furious.  So to bid adieu (hopefully) to the white stuff, here’s a reminder of all that is enchanting and sparkly about it.

There’s just something about a snowflake cake!

When I saw this gorgeousness from Rachael Teufel and Company at Intricate Icings, I knew I had to feature it.  The cake was the perfect centerpiece for a breathtaking New Year’s Eve wedding in Colorado.  And those aren’t Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 11, 2012

macaron tower and white wedding cake

Hi Y’all!

I may come off as a little braggy – and I really super don’t wish to mean to – but I’m heading to Epcot today!  One of the perks of living here in Florida is (frequently) pretending you’re on vacation for a day by hanging out with real tourists and just blending right in.  The only downside…you know the attitude that says “I’m on Read More


Chinese Takeout Wedding Cake

Chinese Takeout Wedding Cake

Omistars in Heaven Above.  (Haven’t started out that way for a bit 😉  )

So, how fabulous is this positively adorable cake depicting a yummy-looking stack of Chinese takeout?  Would you not LOVE to know this story?  I shall imagine one for us.

The couple met and fell in love, and soon discovered they also shared a passion for noodles.


The couple met when he delivered the noodles Read More

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