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Summer In Bloom Wedding Cake

Summer Garden Wedding Cake

Today, it was time.

It was time for a vibrant, lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer wedding cake.

Doesn’t this lovely creation just capture the mood of summer perfectly? Whiling away the days, bees buzzing, everything blooming to the hilt, green everywhere. I picture an outdoor ceremony with lots of floppy hats and sundresses. The bride might even have left her shades on.

And isn’t that the neat thing about cakes? Sometimes, you can look at them, and just know the feel of the wedding. I love when Read More


Blue Squares Geometric Design Wedding Cake


I leapt at the chance to feature this beautiful cake by Cakes By Beth in Manchester, UK.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

When Beth originally met with the bride and groom, they had very few specific ideas about how they wanted their cake to look.  They knew they wanted four tiers and something simple in design that incorporated navy blue ribbon, but that was the extent of their input.  Enter Beth and her brilliance!  She suggested this geometric design of overlapping squares, reminiscent (to me, anyway) of a Chippendale motif.  And though she was prepared for the couple not to love the idea…they did!  Two of the original four layers became Read More


Teal Swarovski Crystals and Flowers Wedding Cake

Beautiful Cake by The Pastry Studio...Who Happened to Bake My Cake, Too!

Sometimes you just need a bit of flair to bring a cake to perfection. Perhaps some feathers or a touch of pink or you can add fabulous teal Swarovski crystals.

Today’s cake is by the lovely and talented team at The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, Florida. If you haven’t seen any of their cakes then check out this Retro Bubble Cake, or this incredible Nutcracker-Inspired Cake.

The intricate detailing on this cake if perfection! The hand made sugar-paste flowers and the beautiful scrolling are gorgeous. And I love how they added a little bling in the form of teal Swarovski crystals. It’s a much lighter touch than all of the rhinestone trim that we saw last year, and frankly, I love it!  It adds a little pop of color that complements the all white perfectly, and it’s a luxurious look without going overboard.


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for July 8, 2012

White wedding cake

Hey Guys!  Happy Summer!

Hopefully, you didn’t encounter any sparkler or firecracker mishaps this week during your celebration of our nation’s Independence.  We spent a quiet day at home, recuperating from a beach crawl that took us through six states and back again, and introduced us to some fun new finds.  But even though we saw some neat things, a week plus on the road proved to us that we needn’t go further than the beach in our own backyard.  Sure, I bet Hawaii is fabulous, and I know that the Read More


For the Guys: Cowboy Hat Groom’s Cake

Cowboy Hat Groom's Cake

“When my ten-gallon hat is feelin’ five gallons flat…”  Am I the only one who thinks of PSAs from childhood when I see huge Stetsons?

Isn’t this cute?  Well, I suppose the cowboy who inspired it wouldn’t appreciate me calling it that, but it is.  I’m assuming our groom – and maybe even our bride – does a fair amount of riding on the range, and needs something to Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Cheeky Bride Cake Topper

Bride Copping a Feel Cake Topper

I think I love this one because I sooooo kinda did this once.  Well.  After it was done to me :-)

Not at my wedding, though.  At my senior prom.  We were having pics taken in this serene little arbor, and you can totally tell Read More


Maraschino Cherry Wedding Cake

Maraschino Cherry Wedding Cake

It’s cherry season, y’all!  But whether it’s July or November, you can feature this cake trimmed in bright red fondant ribbon and maraschino cherries, since the candied cherries are seasonless!

Isn’t this darling?  Three double-height layers, and the middle hexagonal in shape, make for an adorable cake. Did you notice the cool cutout design on that middle layer?  And the pop of color from the bright red fondant trim and gumpaste cherries is so cheerful that you can’t help but grin.  As if the cake Read More


Sparklers Wedding Cake

sparkler wedding cake

Happy Fourth of July, y’all!

As I head out to celebrate freedom, family, and summer, I wanted to leave you with this stunning photo that I found on Pinterest, courtesy of Style Me Pretty.  What a beautiful cake!  All white, and Read More


Blue Scrolls Wedding Cake

Blue Scrolls Wedding Cake

I love blue.  I don’t know how I didn’t end up with a blue wedding cake myself.  Probably because it Just Wasn’t Done as much – you know, color – ten+ years ago.

I also think that scrollwork is lovely.  The lacy patterns made with scrolls really aren’t so much feminine, so usually, guys don’t object.  And they just seem to dress up the face of a cake without making it fussy.

This beautiful three-tiered square buttercream cake was created by Kara Buntin of A Cake to Remember in Richmond Virginia .  The design piped in buttercream mimics the detail on the couple’s wedding invitation.  The shade of blue was used throughout the reception as well on linens and other touches.

Do you love this cake by Kara?  Check out some of her other creations that we’ve featured, like her lighthouse cake, her snowflake wedding cake, and one of my very favorite ever – seriously, I waxed poetic, y’all – Kara’s tartan wedding cake.



Eyelet and Pearl Peach Wedding Cake

Peach Eyelet Wedding Cake

Peach eyelet and pearls make this wedding cake a summer stunner!  And the monogram seals the deal.

Jenniffer White from Cup a Dee Cakes worked with this couple to create a one-of-a-kind cake.  They knew they wanted to use peach and eyelet in the overall design, and Jennifer used a special fondant that would hold up to the cutouts.  The rest of the cake is iced in flawless buttercream, and is trimmed with pearls and the couples’ monogram.

There are so many beautiful Read More

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